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Add on for Rife/Crane CES Generator

Passing the Rife/Crane frequency through the feet or hands, is the normal way to facilitate a frequency through the body.
As the Body is very sensitive to magnetic fields, you can now wrap the body in your chosen frequency, using a simple electric blanket, and the Rife/Crane ces (RCS) unit.
We have developed a system that plugs into your RCS unit, and allows one to virtually sit in any magnetic field chosen.
This new add on unit will allow you to use a single (one plug) or a double (dual plug) standard electric blanket … USA OR European plugs.


Electric Blanket /Magnacoil add on Unit
Electric Blanket/Magnacoil
add on Unit
Our Clinic Setup
Our Clinic
Using Electric Blanket
Using Electric

Electric Blanket /Magnacoil add on Unit
Rife Add On Unit For Electric Blanket/Magnacoil


New ADD ON for your Rife/Ces Generator

CAN RIFE HELP? Enter in a problem/illness see if there is a known frequency.


New update for your Rife/CES unit



This Pocket size unit will plug into your Altered States Rife/CES unit and allow you to pulse the Crane cancer frequency of 2127 hz with the original rife cancer frequencies of 11.780.000 Hz or 11.430.000 Hz. The 11.780.000 Hz or 11.430.000 Hz becomes the carrier frequency.
Or it’s a stand alone unit that pulses the original 2 rife frequencies of 11.780.000 Hz or 11.430.000 Hz.
The unit is placed above the area to be treated and left for aprox 3-10 mins twice daily.
The signal could also be amplified to run through a rife type tube..


The Canpulser