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Ultrasound Therapy - TENS Treatments - Blood Laser Therapy - Infrared

Ultrasound therapy
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Ultrasound therapy uses high-energy sound waves (those above the range we hear) to help ease painful joints and muscles. Ultrasound treatment is done by a physical therapist or occupational therapist who guides the waves into the body from the head of a ultrasound machine.

The Ultimate Personal Pain Treatment
And Healing Therapy unit
with Ultrasound therapy
Laser Blood Purifier

All in one

Therapeutic ultrasound as a treatment modality that has been used by therapists over the last 50 years to treat soft tissue injuries. Ultrasonic waves (sound waves of a high frequency) are produced by means of mechanical vibration of the metal treatment head of the ultrasound machine. This treatment head is then moved over the surface of the skin in the region of the injury. When sound waves come into contact with air it causes a dissipation of the waves, between the treatment head and the surface of the skin.

As the ultrasound waves pass from the treatment head into the skin they cause the vibration of the surrounding tissues, particularly those that contain collagen. This increased vibration leads to the production of heat within the tissue. In most cases this cannot be felt by the patient themselves. This increase in temperature may cause an increase in the extensibility of structures such as ligaments, tendons, scar tissue and fibrous joint capsules. In addition, heating may also help to reduce pain and muscle spasm and promote the healing process.

Ultrasound is thought to accelerate the normal resolution time of the inflammatory process by attracting more mast cells to the site of injury. This may cause an increase in blood flow which can be beneficial in the sub-acute phase of tissue injury. As blood flow may be increased it is not advised to use ultrasound immediately after injury.
Ultrasound may also stimulate the production of more collagen- the main protein component in soft tissue such as tendons and ligaments. Hence ultrasound may accelerate the the proliferative phase of tissue healing.
Ultrasound is thought to improve the extensibility of mature collagen and so can have a positive effect to on fibrous scar tissue which may form after an injury.

Ultrasound is the best form of heat treatment for soft tissue injuries.
It is used to treat joint and muscle sprains, bursitis, and tendonitis.

Ultrasound treatment is used to:

.•relieve pain and inflammation
.• speed healing
.• reduce muscle spasms and
.• increase range of motion

Ultrasound makes high frequency sound waves. The sound waves vibrate tissues deep inside the injured area. This creates heat that draws more blood into the tissues. The tissues then respond to healing nutrients brought in by the blood and the repair process begins.

Sound waves are pulsed at the area causing your pain, at a million times per second. These waves stimulate your joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and other tissues providing targeted pain relief without drugs or surgery.

The sound waves penetrate the skin and surface layers and cause the soft tissue to vibrate, producing gentle healing vibrations within the affected area that soothe inflammation and relieve pain.
Ultrasound waves also cause tissues to relax and increase blood flow to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation.
Increased blood flow also delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue, removes cell waste and aids healing.


Are There Any Side Effects With Ultrasound Therapy?

There have not been any documented adverse effects attributable to the use of therapeutic ultrasound. Ultrasound has been used in the medical community for more than 60 years!

Unlike painkillers and other drug treatments, ultrasound therapy has not been shown to interact with systemic medications and has not demonstrated habit-forming behaviour.We recommend that people with pacemakers and other electronic implants do not use ultrasound for obvious reasons. Ultrasound should not be performed directly over replacement joints, metal implants or on the face, skull and throat.

Who Can Use Ultrasound Therapy?

Ahletes have used ultrasound therapy for years - ultrasound is what allows them to get back in the game quickly after they injure themselves.

Normaly ultrasound therapy was only available to those who could afford expensive, professional-grade machines or 3-times daily access to a physiotherapist.

Now, everyone can benefit from access to the exact same technology, as often as necessary,
at a fraction of the price.

Treatment is given with a soundhead that is moved gently in strokes or circles over the injured area. It lasts just a few minutes. The procedure may be performed with the soundhead alone or combined with a topical anti-inflammatory gel.

Whether you're a senior citizen, an athlete or just someone experiencing pain, ultrasound therapy is safe to use and is a great treatment option for many of your aches and pains.

TENS:Transcutaneous Electrostimulation

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) currently is one of the most commonly used forms of electroanalgesia. Hundreds of clinical reports exist concerning the use of TENS for various types of conditions, such as low back pain (LBP), myofascial and arthritic pain, sympathetically mediated pain, bladder incontinence, neurogenic pain, visceral pain, and postsurgical pain.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) consists of an electrical pulse generator connected by wire to two or more electrodes that apply electrical stimulation to the surface of the skin at the site of pain. The stimulation of sensory nerves is intended to block pain signals and may also generate endorphins. TENS has been used to reduce chronic intractable pain, post-surgical pain, and pain associated with active or post-trauma injury unresponsive to other standard pain therapies. .

Transcutaneous Electrostimulation: Emerging Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathic Pain

Michael Alvaro, Dinesh Kumar, Inderjeet S. Julka
Three independent studies utilizing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to relieve diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain were reviewed. The propietary equipment, an H-wave machine, administered all electrotherapy. The first two studies assessed the efficacy of electrotherapy alone and electrotherapy with amitriptyline. The treated electrotherapy group reported an overall greater reduction of symptoms, 52% with 2-3 weeks of active treatment. Amitriptyline alone produced a 26% reduction of pain after 4 weeks. The addition of active electrotherapy to amitriptyline produced a 66% reduction of pain. The final study looked at patients who have utilized electrotherapy for over one year. A reported 44% improvement of symptoms was attained with continuous electrotherapy treatment. The data also suggested that a maintenance treatment protocol for long-term pain relief would have to be developed.

Transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) is also a widely applied technique for muscle atrophy treatment, muscle force training, endurance training, pain treatment, functional movement therapy, and the restoration of motor functions.

Effect of Transcutaneous Electrostimulation on Noise-Induced Temporary Threshold Shift

1Department of Otolaryngology, Meiji College of Oriental Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

†Correspondence: Masayoshi Tachibana, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, Building 36, Room 5D-08, Bethesda, MD, 20892, USA

The effect of transcutaneous electrostimulation around the ear before and during noise exposure on noise-induced temporary threshold shift (TTS) was examined in 26 volunteers. Electrostimulation reduced TTS in the majority of cases and the reduction was statistically significant. Two possible mechanisms for this reduction are proposed: stimulation of the olivocochlear bundle and alteration of cochlear blood flow. Transcutaneous electrostimulation may be useful for prevention or treatment of noise induced hearing damage and for treatment of tinnitus

Cranial electrostimulation for headache: meta-analysis. McCrory DC More

Treatment is given with TENS Re-usable silicon pads aplied to the points in the Diagrams (supplied)

This unit also has Multi-Channel Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation outlets...more than two electropads can be used at the same time (4 sets or 8 placements)

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Infrared thermo therapy belt used to reduce your pain and any excess fat

It comes with an Infrared Belt for your waist or any other part of ther body to help break down fat tissue, toxins and increase circulation.

Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the body's surface temperature and activate major bodily functions.

Benefits: Far Infrared expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation. Far Infrared is excellent for detox. Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins. Far Infrared thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood: Poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals - toxic substances from food processing - lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue - excess sodium associated with hypertension - and uric acid which causes pain. Furthermore, if sebaceous glands are activated, accumulated cosmetics in pores can be eliminated through the skin (sweat and oil glands) rather than by the kidneys.

Treatment principle
Miriam treatment temperature 36 --- 60 , at the same time it issues a far-infrared wavelength radiation 8-10,65 mm, and the human body surface radiation 9.6mm , makes it easily absorbed by the body, the role of hyperthermia To improve the local blood circulation and reduce swelling, And has been reported to have fungicidal magnetic field lipid-lowering effect.

The scope of application
Rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid, periarthritis, Tuibing neck, stomach, bone hyperplasia, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc, sciatica, asthma, and prostatitis

Blood Lazer

Every once in a while a technology is introduced that transforms the landscape of health care. Low Level Laser Therapy is a perfect example of such a development. It is well accepted, painless and, bottom line, it gets results.

Low Level Laser Therapy involves applying a "low" energy or "low level" laser to tissue in order to stimulate cellular processes and enhance biochemical reactions.

"Excess body fat is linked to major physical threats like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. (Three out of four prople die of either heart disease or cancer each year; according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination survey, approximately 80 percent of those deaths are associated with life-style factors, including inactivity.) "

Low level laser therapy has been shown to treat a wide range of disorders which, at first, seem to have nothing or very little in common.
For example, LLLT can accelerate wound and burn healing, reduce pain in different limbs all over the body, improve the condition of patients after a stroke, help in treatment of diabetic angiopathy, and reduce stiffness and inflammation.

The physiological effects of laser light at low intensity are not completely understood, but what is known is that it has three main effects:

• biostimulation/tissue regeneration

• anti-inflammatory

• analgesic (pain relieving)

One of the most important effects of LLLT is that it speeds up Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, by increasing physical and chemical changes at the cellular level, and enabling the cells deprived of blood flow in the damaged tissue to heal and to attain their normal functions.
ATP is an organic compound composed of adenine, the sugar ribose, and three phosphate groups. It captures chemical energy obtained from the breakdown of food molecules and releases it to fuel other cellular processes, serving as the major energy source within the cell. Think of it as our cell's nuclear power plants.

Which Ailments Can I Treat?

Your Ultrasound Therapy - TENS Treatment - Blood Laser Therapy - Infra red device comes with a manual and trigger point therapy chart that will allow you to treat a number of ailments and injuries that may arise such as:

Back Pain - Upper & Lower
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Golfer's Elbow
Headaches (tension)
Heel Spurs
Plantar Fasciitis
Sprains and Strains
Sports Injury
Tennis Elbow
Plus Much More!

Ultrasound Therapy - TENS Treatments - Blood Laser Therapy - Infra red unit Uses the Latest computer digital technology, color screen display, voice-based navigation, promotes blood circulation, you can choose a variety of biological waves, which change automatically, promoting blood circulation and eliminating pain

Simulate the Chinese acupuncture and massage,points,which can promote blood circulation, alleviate Pain and fatigue and restore vitality.

Physical therapy combines with drug treatment, there are changeable biological waves between the two electrodes,which can make the pores open, this allows the drug to enter into the lesion directly, also the device is supplied with a 60C heating belt, to help speed up the movement of the molecules in cells, which can help your medicine to enter.

Low-frequency and intermediate frequency adjusts automatically to make the effect more steady and sustained., (to avoid fatigue that often single frequencies can bring )...

. New measurement capabilities can detect changes of the heart rate and the condition of the body, helping early warning for the prevention of dis-ease.

.Multi-channel electricity pulse output, two group thermotherapy output, one group laser treatment output, one group heart rate survey output. The device can work on several parts of one person or two people at the same time, economical and practical. You can choose options according to different disease, the whole family can benefit from this technology

. High-tech digital circuit design, physical therapy without side-effect, stable performance, reliable.

Digital therapy masaager
Colour display screen
Voice-based navigation
Low, medium and high frequency pulse therapy

With the CMOS computer chip CPU as ite core, the Ultrasound Therapy - TENS Treatments - Blood Laser Therapy - Infra red unit can produce biological waves and the waves can resonate with the cellular elements of the body. It can rapidly Relax the main and collateral channels of the body and activate blood circulation. Its integrates the therapeutics of electrotherapy, etc. It is a convenient, rapid and painless advanced comprehensive treatment system all in one portable treatment device.

Output voltage: 50-100vp-p
Size: 290*180*90mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Intermediate frequency pluse frequency: 1-5KHz
Low frequency pluse frequency: 0.1-200Hz
Ambient temperature scope: -10-+40° C

Four group frequency conversion electrotherapy output
Two group far infrared thermotherapy output
One group laser treatment output
One group heart rate survey output
Intelligent language prompt
Colour LCD demonstration
Ten functions for choice

UltraSound Device
1xFrared Thermotherapy Belt

4xSelf Adhesive Electrodes
Nasal Lazer electrode
2xDrug/ Medicine Electrodes
2xElectrode Leads
Heart Rate monitor Lead
Foot massage Shoes

UltraSound Unit


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