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The rhythm of life has evolved at an even tempo for epochs. We live in a matrix of oscillating fields; the tiniest fluctuations in one interlocked field carry over perturbation into others. Many times per second, pulses travel completely around the world between our planet's surface and the ionosphere sending coordinating signals to all organisms. These signals couple us to the global electrostatic field. Named for their discoverer, these Schumann Resonances (SR) provide the orchestrating pulse for life on our planet.

“Since life began, the Earth has been surrounding and protecting all living things with a natural frequency pulsation known as the (Schumann Resonance)”.

Many experts believe that the wide spectrum of artificial man-made EMF radiation masks the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth.

Modern technology within the home and workplace cause immense disruption to this natural, protective frequency. Micro waves, washing machines, hairdryers, computers, cell phones and televisions are just a few of the countless items that contribute to this disruption.

Electro pollution from modern technology can cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and "out of balance."

The adverse affects of exposure to EMF are vast and appear to occur over prolonged periods of time.
There are statistical analysis that suggest things such as cancer, hypertension, cardio, neurological, leukaemia, Alzheimer’s, reproductive and other diseases may be triggered and/or aggravated by disruptions in the Schumann Resonance that push it either too high above or too far below the master 7.83Hz frequency.

Fortunately there is a great deal of legitimate research on the Schumann Resonance that has been performed from serious researchers at major universities and organizations. Some of these have been published in peer reviewed journals like the European Geosciences Union Journal of Geophysics.

When Dr. Schumann published his results in the `Technische Physik’ journal, physician Dr Ankermueller immediately made the connection between Schumann resonance and the rhythm of brain waves. He was excited to find that the earth had the same natural resonance as the human brain, and contacted Dr. Schumann, who then assigned Dr. Herbert König to look into the phenomenon.

König compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of the environment. Eureka! They discovered that indeed there was a correlation between Schumann Resonance and brain rhythms. This relationship between earth frequency and brain waves was then studied by researchers around the world.

Potential benefits of the Schumann Frequency

· Improved sleep

· Increased healing potential

· An expanded sense of peace and well being

· Enhanced ability to release destructive thought forms and energy


· Less aggressive behavior

· Stabilized moods

· Positive effects on appetite, metabolism, and physiological functions

· Improved psychic and spiritual potentials


The Earth has power and has its own unique frequency. It isn't some sort of New Age or Spiritual lingo, but a scientific fact. The Earth vibrates at 7.83 hertz or cycles per second, or should I say the Earth's atmosphere between its crust and the ionsphere, have a basic frequency of 7.83 hertz.

But the Earth doesn't have a life of it's own but gets this vibrational baseline from the Sun. The photons emitted by the Sun give off their energy to the Earth's layered atmosphere. They literally charge the Earth with energy. And then when enough energy is accumulated and the conditions are right, it releases this energy directly into the Earth's crusts via Lightning

The Schumann Resonance is the name of the resonance frequency between the Earth's crust and the ionosphere (the region of the Earth's atmosphere consisting of several ionized layers that extend from 50 to 250 miles above the the Earth's surface). The primary (strongest) Schumann frequency is 7.83 Hz. Others include: 11, 12, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz. The Earth behaves like an enormous electric circuit. The atmosphere is actually a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge, its existing electric charge would diffuse away in about 10 minutes.

There is a cavity defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere. The voltage potential is 200,000 Volts. At any given moment, there are about 1,000 lightning storms worldwide. Each storm produces .5 to 1 Ampere and these collectively account for the measured current flow in the Earth’s electromagnetic cavity.

The Schumann Resonances are quasi-standing electromagnetic waves that exist in this cavity. Like waves on a spring, they are not present all the time, but have to be excited in order to be observed. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust, or its core.

These thunder bolts of electricity strike the Earth and are transmitted outwards in concentric wave circles, converging on the opposite of the Earth before returning to the very spot where they struck. But seeing they travel at the speed of light, it takes less than a second for this wave to return. Matter of fact, because the speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second, it means it can circle the Earth 7.82222 times or impart a 7.82222 hertz to the Earth with these lightning strikes.

EMF-The evidence on the health risk of magnetic fields. Further links to Specific Diseases, Expert Opinions, international activities, property values, and references to other sources of information.


Recent studies demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a strong statistical association between exposures to magnetic fields of intensities greater than 4 mG and an increase risk of contracting a number of deadly diseases.

When properly analyzed, scientific data convincingly and consistently show a link between magnetic fields greater than 2-4 mG and cancer. New analyses of older data have induced a wholesale revision in the views of high-level authorities, including the utilities themselves, who have dramatically revised their own statements on EMF.

Are We Surrounded by Magnetic field Zones?

Are you in the Zone ?

Repetitious transients and surges (pulse spikes) occur on power lines , but the more influencing transients are created by factors in home and business wiring, water piping (poor grounding/balancing), appliances and equipment. This repetitious long-term exposure may provide a kind of irritation or suppression factor, posing potential hazards to our health. EMF effects have been discovered, at night, reducing brain pineal melatonin hormone production, which affects immune system efficiency, especially in older persons. These effects appear to be caused by the sharp rise and fall of the pulse spikes created by motors and switches (perhaps the electric blanket thermostat switch, for example) turning on and off. That's the reason for 'prudent avoidance' of operating electric blankets and water bed heaters by children and pregnant women. Dr's Wilson and Reiter made these discoveries during the several years ago at Pacific Northwest Laboratory and University of Texas Health Science Center, respectively. This points to a probable irritating or suppressing type of influence which would create symptoms in a variety of confusing ways, due to personal health and immune system factors]. Persons at risk appear to be those having poor health factors and who may be exposed for years in constant proximity to power line components (transformers, sub-stations), appliances (electric blankets, hair dryers), power tools, TV's and computer monitors, and other sources of potentially rapid switching) EMFs.

Danger Zones Ouside

Recent Studies
A major new study found that children whose birth address was within 200 meters of an overhead power line had a 70% increased risk of leukemia. Children living 200 to 600 meters away from power lines had a 20% increased risk. This indicates the danger from power lines is appreciably further from the lines than had been identified in previous studies. The study, which was partially funded by the power-line industry, mapped how far each child lived from a high voltage overhead power line. It compared the children who had cancer with a control group of 29,000 children without cancer, but who lived in comparable districts, Appearing in the June 2005 British Medical Journal, the study concludes there is a statistical link between EMF from power lines and leukemia. The study – a collaboration between the Childhood Cancer Research Group at the University of Oxford and National Grid owners, Transco – looked at cancer data or children aged up to 15 years old in England and Wales between 1962 and 1995. [Related Press Report]

A major June 2005 British study concludes there is a statistical link between EMF from power lines and childhood leukemia even at distances up to 200 meters.>>>More

A three-fold increase in overall spontaneous abortions and a six-fold increase in spontaneous abortions occurring before the 10th week of pregnancy is associated with even momentary exposure to magnetic fields greater than 16 mG. This is the conclusion of new research by Dr. De-Kun Li reported in the January 2002 issue of Epidemiology. Similar results were found in a separate paper on spontaneous abortions prepared for the project by G. M. Lee which is printed in the same issue

The State of Connecticut passed by overwhelming margins in early May 2004 a law that requires power lines to be buried if they pass near residences, schools, hospitals and other sensitive facilities.>>>More

Connecticut Department of Public Health

According to a January 4, 2003, article in the Toronto Star, Canadian scientist Magda Havas has determined that 42 of 60 measured Canadian cities had magnetic field intensities that exceed those shown to be associated with childhood leukemia.

Many of us are already very Aware of this Danger to our health,>>> More info here

Even though the incidence of all these diseases (except miscarriages) is low, the California Department concludes EMF represents a significant health risk. >>> More

Types of "Electrosmog"EMF

Electric fields/rays
Electric fields are not very strong in most parts of a house. High electric-field areas are found near TVs, computer monitors (including laptop computers), fluorescent lights, light dimmer controls, and improperly grounded equipment. A safe distance from the field source is typically 1-2 meter. Electric fields are high near high-voltage power lines, but these fields rarely penetrate into the house. Electric fields are measured in (V/m). Also the frequency of the field (Hz) is important.

Magnetic fields

Magnetic fields are much more common in the home than are electric fields. They don't represent a shock hazard, but, like electric fields, they produce current in the body. Most of the recent health concerns have been about magnetic fields. Any wire that carries an AC electrical current produces magnetic fields. However, two wires are required to carry power to an appliance, and if the two wires are bundled parallel and very close together, the magnetic field from one will exactly cancel the field from the other. Thus, an extension cord rarely produces much magnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are measured in Tesla (nT) or Gauss (G). Also the frequency of the field (Hz) is important.

Several years ago, Cindy Sage hired an electrician to install a new light in her daughter's bedroom. After he left, Sage swept the room with a gaussmeter to measure the magnetic fields present.

In some 98 percent of U.S. homes, the average strength of magnetic fields ranges from 0.5 to 0.9 milligauss (mG). Until the electrician's visit, the field in Sage's daughter's room also fell within that range. Afterward, it was 3 mG.

Although that reading is somewhat higher than normal, it falls well below the federally permitted 1,000-mG limit for U.S. workplaces. However, this didn't reassure Sage, a Montecito, Calif.-based consultant specializing in electromagnetic field (EMF) issues. The workplace limit "is based on the faulty assumption that only thermal, or heat, effects are important as a potential biological hazard," she says.

We all march to the cadence of this cosmic drummer -- our planetary heartbeat, which sets the tempo for health and well-being. Damaging this planetary pacemaker could spell doom for life as we know it. In the name of progress and defense, this pacemaker is now threatened, while vast amounts of public money are spent on this exploitation. Even more tax funds are allocated to implement the ill-conceived "Star Wars" missile defense, and the energy beam Project HAARP.>>>More


Danger Zones in the Home


EMF Levels From Common Sources in Milligauss (mG)* 
Recommended Safety Levels: .5 mG to 2.5 mG with 1.0mG as preferred standard. 
Adverse biological effects have been found at 2.5mG

Up to 4 inches At 3 feet
50 to 220 .3 to 3
Clothes Washer
8 to 200 .1 to 4
Coffee Maker
6 to 29 .1
4 to 20 2 to 5
Fluorescent Lamp
400 to 4,000 .1 to 5
Hair Dryer
60 to 20,000 .1 to 6
Microwave Oven
100 to 500 1.0 to 25
5 to 100 .1 to 6
Vacuum Cleaner
230 to 1300 3 to 40
50 mG average on 747  

*Source: USA Environmental Protection Agency

There is extremely strong evidence finding a relationship between ELF magnetic fields greater than 2 mG and childhood leukemia. This relationship has been a matter of scientific inquiry since 1979. Sixteen out of nineteen studies conducted since 1995 are now viewed as identifying a statistically significant relationship between magnetic fields greater than 2 to 4 mG and a two to four-fold increase in a child’s risk of contracting that disease.

There is very strong evidence finding a relationship between maximum ELF magnetic field exposure greater than 16 mG and a 6-fold increase in miscarriages.

There is strong evidence linking ELF magnetic fields and Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

There is substantial evidence linking ELF magnetic fields greater than 12 mG and breast cancer and strong evidence linking magnetic fields and the suppression of the therapeutic effects of the anti-cancer drug, tamoxifin.

These findings were produced by leading government authorities based upon research conducted for and financed by government health authorities.Accordingly, they do not suffer from sponsorship bias
Opinions of Leading Government Authorities


Danger Zones at Work


EMF Exposure Plots of Worker

Measurements in milligrams (mG)Milli Gause
The sewing machine operator worked all day, took a 1-hour lunch break at 11:15 am, and took 10-minute breaks at 8:55 am and 2:55 pm. The mechanic repaired a compressor at 9:45 am and 11:10 am
The electrician repaired a large air-conditioning motor at 9:10 am and 11:45 am. The government worker was at the copy machine at 8:00 am, at the computer from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and also from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

The California Health Department final report on power frequency EMF was published in October 13, 2002. This 7-year, $9 million study concludes EMFs can cause some degree of increased risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and miscarriage. The Evaluation further concludes that magnetic fields may cause suicide and adult leukemia..>>>More

Exposures to magnetic fields can vary widely throughout the day, as this metered log of the author's activities one day last month illustrates.
From midnight to 7 a.m., cyclic changes in fields at the head of a second-floor bed suggest a poorly wired thermostat or pump that induces spikes as the boiler in the basement turns on and off. Use of kitchen appliances from 7 to 7:30 a.m. caused small surges. Similar fluctuations between 7:30 and 8:15 depict fields as the author drove her daughter to school. Off-the-chart peaks shortly thereafter reflect commuting on the electric subway system.

The 1- to 2-mG background fields from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. were encountered at the office computer. Photocopying generated an 11 a.m. spike. The 5- to 8-mG exposures from 1 to 3 p.m. occurred during a staff party at a nearby restaurant, and the erratic spikes over the succeeding 4 hours depict fields in local shops, on the subway, and while driving the family car.

Spikes between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. took place while cleaning the kitchen, turning on the dishwasher, and changing CDs on the stereo.



There is much talk and many products offered to "protect us from harmful magnetic fields" ,,,Well our scientist and engineers having purchased these medalions and crystals etc,and with very expensive measuring devices cannot verify the usefulness of many units claimed to protect,(of course they cant measure the radionic affect),,But what they did find is that the body will respond to a small magnetic pulse eg the Schumman or earths reasonance,(,its what we term a friendly frequency),,and run with it,,
Plus the Brain will respond to Frequencies and often by offering the Brain earth pulses, stress Disapears and deep relaxation is achieved,,which is often a sign that the body is working well,,and unburdend by the constant bombardment of toxic harmful frequencies,,from electrical appliances and shopping malls etc...WATCH THE VIDEOS

Are you in the Zone

We Have lots of Good Meters for measuring Magnetic Fields,,,
And Schumann Resonators for the Home,,,,BUT

The Question I asked myself is, why were there NO really good electronic personal pulsers?
Our homes are not the only place we are exposed to the Harmful Magnetic Zones.
Right now most of us are sitting in very powerful Magnetic areas or zones as we term them
quite obliviouse to the harm they are causing our cells

By replicating the Earth's natural rhythm, we can provide ourselves (at least in our immediate vicinity) with a healthy environment.

The Zone Alarm concepts starts to take form

Here's a unit that detects the Harmful Magnetic Zones and Immediatly Starts a 7.822Hz Schumann magnetic field Pulsing

It just Hangs around your Neck, listening sensing,,as soon as a strong magnetic field is sensed it starts to Pulse,,and not just some week feeble pulse,,have a look at this video clip

Your Zone Alarm unit senses the Magnetic fields aand then pulses for thirty seconds
If your are still in the Strong magnetic Zone,it will pulse again and again untill you are out of the Zone....

View now


Fortunately there is a great deal of legitimate research on the Schumann Resonance that has been performed from serious researchers at major universities and organizations. Some of these have been published in peer reviewed journals like the European Geosciences Union Journal of Geophysics

Lewis B. Hainsworth was among the first to suggest that human health is linked with geophysical parameters by way of the naturally occurring Schumann ELF (extremely low frequencies). His hypothesis identified naturally occurring features which determine the frequency spectrum of human brain-wave rhythms. He concluded that the frequencies of human brain-waves evolved in response to these signals.

Ample anthropological evidence shows that humans have intuitively synchronized with the planetary resonance throughout human history and back into the mists of time.

Perhaps the planet communicates with us in this primal language of frequencies

Interference in them produced by man made EMFs can produce mild to disastrous health and behavioral changes. These waves probably help regulate our bodies' internal clock, affect sleep patterns (REM), and hormonal secretion. The nature of the applied stimulus makes it difficult to identify the responses directly, as they are most likely to occur in the form of stress-related conditions. They will therefore, show up as drastic increases in mental disturbance, anti-social behavior, psycho-somatic conditions, and neurological disturbances. Some electrical field phenomena have already been linked with abnormal cell growth and a decrease in immuno-competency.

Simply put, human beings were not meant to live surrounded by electrical wires, hydro stacks, traffic and cell phone towers..

Do you feel inner peace and generally happier when you’re out in nature, away from crowds, traffic and the city?

Manmade frequencies drown out nature
Ludwig discovered that while the earth vibration could be clearly measured in nature and on the ocean, it was almost impossible to measure the earth’s pulse in the city, where manmade signals drown out the natural signals that nature has created for eons.

When you’re out in nature, your body tunes into the earth’s frequency and can repair, rejuvenate and heal itself more efficiently.

Less stress, anxiety, irritability, moodiness and depression.
More inspiration, confidence, concentration, and energy
Improves sleep quality and stronger immune system

As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions, and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may become stabilized in generations to come. Hopefully, we can learn to understand both our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environment and facilitate our potential for healing, and growth...........

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