Ozonated Water

The discovery and naming of ozone is attributed to Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1840. Its value in medicine was debated for many decades and references to its use were sporadic. Dr. Albert Wolf, a German physician wrote in 1915. "As regards the medical usability of ozone, the viewpoint of experimental science may be considered as being in direct opposition to the practical experiences gained by industry." He used ozone successfully in the treatment of decubitus ulcers. During the First World War (1915) ozone gas was used to purify the drinking water of major cities since 1901. The first was Vienna and the most recent was Los Angeles. It does not give water the disagreeable taste that chlorine does. Although many authorities refer to it as poisonous and a hazard to life, like anything else on this planet, if used properly it is beneficial - in fact life would become extinct without ozone in our atmosphere.

Ozone is 3 atoms of oxygen bound together instead of the normal 2. It is created artificially as the result of ultraviolet light acting on oxygen to break up and recombine as threesomes. Ozone destroys algae, viruses, bacteria, and fungi on contact and it breaks down harmful chemicals into simpler less damaging molecules. Ozone kills microorganisms by rupturing their cell walls. Healthy cells are not damaged because of their self protective mechanisms.

Ozone is Oxygen. We breath in O2 oxygen from the air around us. Ozone is O3, so it has an extra electron looking to pair itself. This unstable electron is what makes ozone a wonderful Cleanser. When we have a Lightening storm Ozone is created in the atmosphere and Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is created in the water. They both will return O2 and H20 and at the same time Cleanse the the earth.

"Many scientists were stunned recently when it was revealed that air bubbles trapped in fossilized amber had been analyzed and found to contain oxygen levels of 38%. Yet today it is well known that the average oxygen content of air is only about 19%. In other words, since the early history of the earth, it appears there has been an estimated 50% drop in the average oxygen content of air we breathe!"

A new study revealed that only the relatively low current oxygen level impedes insects to gain huge proportions. "The study adds support to the theory that some insects were much larger during the late Paleozoic period because they had a much richer oxygen supply," said Alexander Kaiser, insect physiologist at Midwestern University, Glendale, Arizona

Depending on its oxygen content, blood is either oxygenated
( = blood enriched with oxygen) or deoxygenated. Oxygenated blood is bright red whereas deoxygenated blood is dull red

low Blood Oxygen
Dr Otto Warburg, twice Nobel Laureate, is credited with proving that cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. “Cancer, above all diseases, has countless secondary causes, but there is only one prime cause: anaerobic respiration”.

In other words, lack of oxygen in the body at cellular level makes it more conducive for cancer cells to grow. Dr Warburg stated that when there is insufficient oxygen for normal aerobic respiration, cells go into “fermentation mode”. Cells grow out of control, becoming cancerous. Further research proved that this can be reversed by saturating the cells with oxygen
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Health is dependent almost entirely upon a pure, healthy blood and general humoral circulation. Every organ, nerve, tissue and cell depends on vital blood and humoral fluid for nourishment and elimination of wastes. When these vital fluids are impaired, the system begins a general degeneration and alteration from the norm. The object of respiration is to bring atmospheric oxygen in close relationship with the hemoglobin of the blood and permit the interchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide, thus eliminating this end product of oxidation along with other products in minute quantities. In the process of respiration, waste products are exposed to the action of oxygen and they are combusted, producing body heat. In the living organism, heat is continually being generated through the chemical action of oxygen upon carbon. When the blood receives sufficient oxygen to unite with the carbon, carbon dioxide is formed, which is in a suitable state to be eliminated. The process of oxidation is complete, the body temperature is maintained at normal, the organs perform their functions properly and the system is in a condition to resist the influence of microbes.

When, however, an insufficient amount of oxygen is received by the blood, carbon is incompletely burned, and carbon monoxide is produced. Through its poisonous influence, the system becomes debilitated, or 'run down.' Carbon monoxide is an irritant to the nervous system, it attaches to the hemoglobin in red blood cells, and it interferes with organ functions. The body temperature is reduced below normal which renders the system incapable of resisting the influence of various bacteria, viruses and yeast. Disease is the result. Subnormal temperatures indicate under-oxidation, or hypoxia. The under oxidized person will present a host of symptoms: headache, backache, insomnia, vertigo, constipation, asthenia, anemia, and non-specific gastro-intestinal upsets. Under-oxidation renders the system susceptible to a multiplicity of disorders, which will worsen and become chronic over time. Scientists long ago recognized the great oxidizing and antiseptic properties of ozone,

The Importance of Oxygen

Like oxygen, ozone is a healthful gas. It has, however, much greater oxidizing, antiseptic and germicidal power and for this reason is being used with great success for the relief of various diseases.

Oxygen is the most important substance on earth, the most effective detox agent, our best blood cleanser, antibiotic, and immune system builder. Why wouldn't we need more of it? The level of our oxygen in the atmosphere is decreasing so are we getting enough?

Recently, the FDA and EPA have been telling the public that ozone is poisonous, and detrimental to the body. This is not so! For years physicians around the world have used ozone for bringing palliative and curative results to many, many individuals: eg

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Ozone is one of the most energetic and useful agents known to science. Its therapeutic action is due to oxygenation of the blood by the loose molecule (free radical) of oxygen in the O3 compound. It is carried to the various organs and tissues of the body and absorbed, thus oxidizing the waste products, and facilitating their elimination. In other words, ozone increases the metabolism without the expenditure of vital energy and special stress should be laid on the fact that ozone is a NATURAL remedy.
Dr. William Turska

The clinical thermometer is the best means of determining the existence of under oxidation and should be used routinely. The temperature of one who is under oxidized will be found to run from a fraction to several degrees below normal.

The under oxidized and subnormal temperature person will present one of more of the following symptoms: headache, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, faint-feeling, loss of appetite, palpitation of the heart, liver and kidney problems, menstrual problems, cold hands and feet, anemia, gastrointestinal problems, chlorosis, etc., all of which are due to an impoverished blood supply.

The symptoms or conditions that rise from a subnormal temperature are not necessarily in proportion to the degree of subnormal temperature. A person showing a fractional part of one degree of subnormal temperature may present as severe problems or conditions of disease as one who is several degrees below normal.

A sufficiency of oxygen for the blood means better blood, better circulation, better assimilation, better equilibrium of body temperature, better vasomotor activity, better digestion, better elimination of waste products, less chance of autointoxication or toxemia, and less chance of infection and disease.

After careful analytical investigation of disease, it has been demonstrated:

1. That one of the most common important conditions that the person is called upon to correct is weakness produced by an impoverished or diminished blood supply.

2. That under-oxidation produces bad health primarily because of an insufficient supply of oxygen that makes certain the formation of carbon monoxide, which is at once a de-oxidizer, a hemoglobin destroyer and an irritant poison devitalizing the blood and paving the way for a multiplicity of acute troubles, many of which run into chronicity.

It has been suggested that a subnormal temperature may be a normal condition with some people. This deduction can be disproved by placing anyone with a subnormal temperature under active influence of ozone and the temperature can be made to rise back to normal.

Almost all forms of nervous, functional, respiratory and blood disorders can be successfully corrected by oxidation restoration. The effects are perfectly natural, the nerves being left calm and toned with a feeling of buoyancy and exhilaration. It stimulates the vasomotor system through the nerve centers, which fact is clearly shown in the increased redness of the skin, a feeling of warmth in the whole body, and waste products being more freely eliminated. The ozone treatment show that poor oxidation is the cause of many disorders, by reason of the fact that when the temperature is brought up to normal, the problems disappear.

Bob Beck's Protocol
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Understanding Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy


Air Treatment-Kill Bacteria and Remove Pollen
Aquarium-Make Water Crystal Clear
Basement-Remove Mold and Odor
Bedding-Sanitize Bedding
Car and RV-Remove Odor 100% & Create Fresh Smell
Dental and Doctor Office & Clinics-Remove Biofilm, Sanitize Air &water
Dentures & Tooth Brush-Disinfect
Fish Tank-Make Clear Crystal Water in Large or Small Fish Tank
Gargle-For Gum Health & To Prevent Bad Breath
Home-Air & Water Treatment
Hotel-Remove Odor, Sanitize Pillow, Sheets, Draperies
Kill Bacteria-in Water and Air
Kitchen Sterilization-Remove Food Odors such as Onion (No Burning Eyes), Spices & Burnt Oil Odor
Sports Locker Room.
Mold-Kill and Remove Mold Odor
Office-Air treatment
Olive Oil-Add Ozone to Olive Oil (Natural Oil) for Lotion, Medical and Dental Application
Remove Second Hand Smoke and Odors
Restaurants-Remove Cooking Oil Odors and Kill Bacteria, Refresh Air
Restroom-Refresh the Air and Remove the Odors Instantly
Pet Odor Removal
Smoke Removal-Remove Smoke and smoke order right away
Washing Feet with Ozonated Water-Kill Bacteria, Fungus & help to heal the wound faster
Washing Fruit & Vegetable-Kill bacteria
Washing Baby Bottle-Sanitize baby bottle with ozonated water
And many more applications

Ozone in water as dilute as 1ug/ml is anti-microbial. It increases the phagocytic (pathogen eating) action of white blood cells. With the use of it (usually injected) doctors in the U.S. and Europe have reported 100's of cases of HIV blood count reversal, loss of AIDS symptoms (Carpendale et al. 1991), tumor shrinkage and dissappearance and cure of systemic infections such as Hepatitis, staphylococcal infection, and meningitis (Paulesu et al. 1991, Rilling et al. 1986). While using ozone therapy one should supplement with vit E, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, and Selenium in order to support the glutathione detoxification system.

Ozone activates both monocytes and lymphocytes. It increases the oxygen supply to the brain. It improves oxygenation and metabolism (by accelerating the Citric Acid Cycle which is the main cycle for the liberation of energy from sugars). In Russia and Cuba, ozonated water is used to treat many types of intestinal & gynecological problems including ulcerative colitis, duodenal ulcers, gastritis, diarrhea, and vulvovaginitis. Ozone also changes the electrical charge of blood cell membranes so that they won't clump together (which decreases their ability to absorb oxygen and release it to tissues). More

Shortly after patenting his his first ozone generator, Nikola Tesla ( in 1900 ) began marketing an ozonated olive oil to medical doctors. Nikola Tesla created his ozonated oil by bubbling ozone through pure olive oil in the presence of a magnetic field for eight weeks. By 1904, ozonated olive oil, also known as Glycozone, began appearing in medical literature, such as "The Medical Uses of Hydrozone and Glycozone", 9th Edition, by New York Chemist Charles Marchland. Ozone, as a very reactive gas, is difficult to stablize for long periods of time in a useable form. However, by bubbling ozone through an ozone resistant container ( such as a glass container ), the ozone gas is trapped, and begins to react with the oil. In essence, what is occuring is a catalytic reaction that actually burns the olive oil. One of the resultant compounds is C10H18O3, with the hydrogen and carbon complex. Some of the terpene gas remains trapped within the oil, and some is released into the environment. While some people may believe that fully ozonated olive oil is an ozone carrier, the oxygen is actually bound and released as a peroxide ( O-O-H bond ). Ozonated olive oil will hold actual ozone gas for a limited amount of time, but in its "free form" state.

Ozonated Oil
For topical uses on conditions such as
Eczema, Acne, Bites & Stings...

Using Ozonated Oils for Topical Skin Therapy: When ozone is bubbled into olive oil for long periods of time, the oil eventually thickens, holding the ozone contained. When kept refrigerated, this gel will hold its ozone for years. Applied to the skin, it is beneficial for cuts, scrapes and burns, insect bites, rashes, eczema, herpes, etc., acting as a natural oxidant. To achieve the minimum concentrations for an effective Ozonated oil, you will just need to accumulate 24 total hours of ozonation of the oil.

Ozonated Oil has been reported useful for

Insect bites and stings (including Mosquito bites)
Athletes foot
Chicken pox

Dry skin suitable for very dry, cracked or flaky skin condition
Pimples, spots & acne
Gynaecological infections
Many types of wounds from minor cuts & lesions to bed sores and leg ulcers

According to research conducted by Dr Hulda Clark, lightly or partially ozonated olive oil may be utilized for ingestion. The oil may be ozonated from as little as 20 minutes to 12 hours for her protocols. Dr. Clark recommends the use of lightly or partially ozonated olive oil for internal use, as a part of a parasite mop-up program for ascaris and tapeworms and to remove PCB's from the body

When ozone is bubbled through olive oil continuously for weeks, the oil starts to change. First it loses its color, then it begins to foam, and eventually it becomes a stiff gel. If it is kept refrigerated at 40 degrees F, this gel will retain its effectiveness for more than ten years. This gel applied to the skin has many uses: on cuts, scrapes and burns; insect bites, diaper rash, eczema, impetigo, herpes, etc. Ozonated gel is 95% as active as ozone gas.

The ozonated gel liquefies as soon as it reaches skin temperature. It is an excellent lubricant for intercourse and provides more protection the highly touted condom for the prevention of disease, due to the bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal action of ozone.

It is an excellent product for your pet as well. If it is spread on the backs of a cat's paws, the cat will lick it off and ingest it that way.

Suggested Dosage:

Take 3 tablespoons of lightly ozonated olive oil in either two doses of 1 1/2 tbs morning and night, or one dose of 3 tbs in the morning followed 1 hour later by 1000 mg L cysteine. 1000 mg of L-cysteine should be taken twice more during the day. This protocol is done for a total of three weeks. One tablespoon equals 15 ml, so for a full three week mop-up, 945 ml of lightly ozonated olive oil will be required. This is just under one litre of lighly ozonated olive oil.

Items Needed:-

Olive oil, preferably Extra Virgin Olive oil
Ozone Generator - at least a 500mg/hr output
Aerator / air stone - must be made of ozone-resistant material
1 metre of Silicone Tubing - to connect aerator to ozone outlet on ozone generator
1 metre of Silicone Tubing - to connect air pump to ozone generator ( if required )
Small Glass Jar with a screw on lid - approx 250ml


Why the controversy of ozone?

This extra electron in ozone is considered by many as a free radical. Free radicals are formed when we have diets heavy with sugar, over cooked oils, and environmental pollutants. This causes too many free radicals in our bodies. When this takes place all those excess free radicals look for electrons in our bodies. Ozone has an extra electron and can satisfy these free radicals by providing that needed electron. Ozone will hunt these free radicals and eliminate them from our bodies.

The chart Above outlines the formation of free radicals .
Notice that even basic metabolism causes a production of these radicals.

"The different modes of action of ozone on a living organism are now well understood. The production of peroxides is responsible for the remarkable bactericidal and fungicidal effects of ozone. The virus inactivation is enhanced by a peroxide intolerance of weakened infected cells. Normal cells are protected from the effects of ozone by enzymes in the cell wall - glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase. Ozone stimulates the production of these enzymes, thus enhancing the cell wall resistance to invasion."
Fritz Schellander

We recommend you take time to read Dr. Majids book "Oxygen and Aging". Ozone helps mop up free radicals. Dr. Majid Ali has extensive experience with oxygen therapies?including ozone. He shows that ozone is effective as a medical therapy because it acts to protect in the same way the ?antioxidants? do.


Since ozone kills bacteria and viruses, it can aid in the destruction of bacteria found on raw foods and cooking utensils. Soaking uncooked chicken parts, for example, in ozone treated water will help retard the growth of salmonella. For best results, follow the same procedure described above for produce. For utensils, rinse off food debris and treat in clean water with ozone for fifteen minutes

H.E. Sartori describes the test of live-blood analysis using phase contrast and darkfield microscopy after ozone was injected into a terminal lung cancer patient. Red blood cell membranes were strengthened; the immune system was strengthened; all pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi were removed. He concludes, "Ozone purifies blood by eliminating foreign materials."Our bodies desperately need more oxygen. Cancer cells, for instance, can only grow in an anaerobic or oxygen?deficient environment. In Ozone, The Eternal Purifier of the Earth and Cleanser of All Living Beings.

Healthy Blood Cells
Unthealthy Bood Cells

Oxygen is the most important substance on earth, the most effective detox agent, our best blood cleanser, antibiotic, and immune system builder. Why wouldn?t we need more of it? The level of our oxygen in the atmosphere is decreasing so are we getting enough?

Ozonating Strawberries

The shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended by ozone treatment. Not only will they keep a more attractive appearance, but they will also taste fresher! To help keep your produce fresh, fill your sink with water and place the Portable Purifier’s dispersion stone in the bottom of the sink. Place the vegetables and/or fruit to be treated in the water and operate...

Why is ozone used in many places though out the world and not in the US? In Europe Ozone is widely used for purifying drinking water and swimming pools. Ozone is also used to purify bottled waters. Ozone is used extensively in medicine in Germany and Cuba by either infusing it or injecting it directly into the blood stream. In medical applications: "It is the aim of ozone-oxygen therapy to stimulate or reactivate oxygen metabolism, without damage to the protecting oxidative enzymes?"

Drinking Ozonated water is a great way to detoxify your system. Ever day we are being bombarded with chemicals and pollutants. . Drinking ozonated water is said to be one of best ways we can detoxify our system. Cleaning your food by soaking it in ozonated water is a powerful way of reducing the amount of pesticides, bacteria, etc which enters your system.
Ischemic bowel disease results from inadequate flow of oxygenated blood to the intestines. The extent of ischemic bowel disease can range from mild to severe based on the amount of damage from lack of oxygenated blood. This is a potentially serious condition and requires care from your doctor. The sooner ischemic bowel disease is treated, the more favorable the outcome. Contact your doctor if you think you may have ischemic bowel disease.

Oxygenated water is water that is infused with oxygen. People who consume oxygenated water will get more oxygen into their bloodstream. This has a variety of health benefits for a variety of people. Not only is drinking oxygenated water a good idea for active people, it’s actually a good idea for everyone.

First of all, to understand just how great oxygenated water is, we must consider that the two greatest needs of the body are oxygen and then water. Without either of these two elements, the body will die. Of course without oxygen we will die in a matter of seconds, while being deprived of water will lead to a death that will take a few increasingly painful days to occur.

Some scientific studies have found that increasing the amount of oxygen in the body alkalizes the it and creates an environment where disease cannot exist. A good way to get oxygen into the body is through water. Past tests have shown that consuming oxygenated water increased the level of the oxygen in the blood. When the blood supply has more oxygen diseases have trouble growing.

Neither cancer cells nor deadly viruses or bacteria can survive in an oxygen-rich environment. People who have tried drinking ordinary tap water and then tried oxygenated water say that they feel a huge difference. Energy levels, alertness and well being are all reported to have been positively affected by drinking oxygenated water.


General procedure : Drinking Water:

Plug the generator into the wall socket.
Connect an air line to the output of the generator and then to the appropriate attachment
Engage the power switch on the generator.
When finished, turn off the generator, disconnect the lines, and store in a safe place.

Bubble ozone through cold water using the airstone diffuser for 5 minutes for a glass; 15 minutes per liter; one hr. per gallon.
Drink immediately on an empty stomach.

Water Ozone System