The future of medicine
In the early part of the 20th century researchers in the area of energy medicine such as Rife, Abrams and Lakhovsky, discovered the frequencies could stimulate the healing process in humans.

What these pioneers were able to show is that certain frequencies could be used to devitalize pathogens and parasites that cause many diseases. They also discovered that certain other frequencies could be used to help detoxify and rejuvenate the bodies cells and organs.

Through these discoveries many devices have been built though the years to accomplish the miracle healings these great men saw with their new technologies. Frequency healing has grown to encompass many different disciplines in the healing arts. Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Gem elixirs, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine all on some level use the principals of frequency healing.

At Medica 1999, It was found that many more companies knew about Rife and one company (Onco-Therm GmbH) were offering a professional treatment system for hospitals that included the Rife protocol…

Imagine a world without disease. That is our hope for all mankind!
One of the great geniuses of the 20th century, Royal Rife, has opened the door for further development in the field of bioenergetic healing, through the use of frequencies. Rife found that he could shatter the membranes of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites through the use of frequencies. He believed that by destroying these pathogens in this manner, he could eliminate the disease associated with it. He created the foundation of frequency research that continues to this day.

The future of medicine
In the early part of the 20th century researchers in the area of energy medicine such as Rife, Abrams and Lakhovsky, discovered the frequencies could stimulate the healing process in humans.

What these pioneers were able to show is that certain frequencies could be used to devitalize pathogens and parasites that cause many diseases. They also discovered that certain other frequencies could be used to help detoxify and rejuvenate the bodies cells and organs.

Through these discoveries many devices have been built though the years to accomplish the miracle healings these great men saw with their new technologies. Frequency healing has grown to encompass many different disciplines in the healing arts. Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Gem elixirs, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine all on some level use the principals of frequency healing.
Doctors Evaluations


Note: Names of Practitioners and patients have been omitted because of Doctor Patient confidentiality. Verification is available, but may not necessarily be given without the consent of the originator.

Cases #''s 1 to #5 were received from a medical practitioner M.B.ChB.

Young man 15 years old with a progressive sty, two days old on his left upper eyelid. The eye was oedematous, swollen, very red and extremely painful. The abscess had not come to a head yet. Locally treated with frequencies 20, 29, 41, 58, 61, 71, 88, 87 and 105 for 3 minutes each. Immediate response was observed during the treatment. The treatment was repeated the next day-- the sty drained and the healing was visibly completed.


Young man 12 years old who had a septic, festering wound caused by a glass ampoule "stink bomb" which bad broken in the palm of his hand two days previously. Treated with detox frequencies and 14 & 20. Redness was almost immediately gone. Only one treatment was necessary. Although he was put onto antibiotics, the wound had already been healed by the following day


Thirty-two year old male patient with progressive, bleeding grade II haemorrhoids (those which push out during defecation) over the past 4 months. A haemorrboiclectomy operation was scheduled for 3 weeks time. After two treatments with the prescribed frequencies the haemorrhoids were gone, the patient had no more problems and he cancelled the operation.


Twelve year old girl who had a ringworm on her left calf, which had been progressively increased in size to approximately 2 cat diameters. Treated over three consecutive days with recommended frequencies. The leg was clear of all fungi and all local signs of the infection were gone. The only indication of the infestation left was a slight depigmentation of the skin, which would disappear with time, too.


65 jarige ou man met toenemende prostatisme oor 5-jaar tydperk. In lyn vir n TUR in die nabye toekoms. Erge afwagting, afname in stroom, nadruppeliring, drangurie, uritrale afskeiding, strangurie, frekwensie nokturie en hematurie. Na vier behandelings op prostatitis I BPH frekwensies is simptome 95% weg, operasie gekanseleer.

Cases #6 and #7, & # $ and #9 were received from two different medical practitioners (M.B. Ch.B- and B.A Hons. M.B. Ch.B respectively) for presentation at a burns symposium.


Mr. H.L. sustained severe burns to his left forearm and his chest, after spilling boiling oil on himself. The burnt area was kept on ice overnight in an attempt to minimise the injury but there was still considerable tissue damage. I treated him with low energy laser and dressings but by the fourth day the wound became infected. I then treated him with the Rife resonator on alternate days for five treatments, and thereafter achieved perfect healing


Mr. J.V. was burnt while on a fire fighting course. He sustained a deep circumferential burn to his right wrist, which was exceedingly painful. I immediately put him on the Rife resonator for twenty minutes on the pain frequencies and achieved considerable reduction of pain. Thereafter I treated him with low energy laser and daily treatments on the Rife resonator on using the pain and burn frequencies. One week after the burn there was very little pain and approximately 50% healing had occurred.


Mr. G.S sustained partial and flail thickness kerosene burns to the dorsal aspect of his left hand and forearm. I saw the extent of the burn on the fourth day of the incident. Patient had two treatments on the Rife resonator and when I saw him again after that, complete healing had occurred and there was no scarring whatsoever.


Mrs. P.C. who is an epileptic, had a fit and fell into hot coals. She had sustained severe burns to the dorsal aspect of hands, four fingers and her right leg. When I saw her one-week after the incident, the wounds had become septic. I administered three treatments on the rife resonator at weekly intervals and by the fourth week her skin had completely healed and there was no sign of infection.


Lady, (forty's) had a spider bite. A doctor treated the festering wound for 8 days -medicine from three different prescriptions with antibiotics, steroids etc had been used. She was unable to use the hand, which was swollen, infected and painful. After only two treatments (on alternate days) using the Rife resonator with frequencies for allergies, parasites and detox, the wound was healing. The wound was no longer "angry", there was no more pain and the swelling totally gone. The lady remarked that she had slept better, could smell her coffee for the first time in years (she was an allergy sufferer) and no longer liked the taste of other cigarettes. It is an added advantage?


Six year old boy with very bad bronchial asthma. He had always slept in a semi-sitting position to prevent phlegm from choking him. Suffered regularly from bronchitis and other lung problems. Treated this patient with a combination of cold & flu, asthma, allergy and bronchitis (with some detox) frequencies once weekly. The mother was ecstatic about the results. The child was able to sleep in a normal bed for the first time since birth, coughing, wheezing had gone and he was able to go swimming for the first time in years without any ill effects afterward.

Cases#10 & #11 - experiences from the files of a Rife owner.

From the pens of some owners/users:

(a) A medical practitioner (M.B. Ch. B. D.A.)

I am thrilled with my Rife resonator and use it daily. I have had some amazing results and would like to mention a few.


The first day when we got our machine, a medical doctor friend visited me and we discussed the apparatus. He told me that he had a lot of trouble with haemorrhoids and anal itching. To our delight we found some frequencies in the booklet and we ran through all of them at 3 minutes each. I used 11, 14, 16 & 20 as prescribed and added iinflammation 81 and Candida 28. As he was only here for a few hours, I repeated all of them for another 3 minutes. He phoned the next day to say that he was 90 % better. Even his spastic colon was better. We talked the day after that and he told me that for the first time in five months he was 100%!

Case# 13

The second patient I treated had a lot of backache and was not better after several anti-inflammatory injections and physiotherapy. She lived on painkillers. I treated her for backache with 57 for 15 minutes and then 40, 3, 87, 88, 108, 109 and 114 for 3 minutes. That night for the first time in two weeks she slept right through the night and didn't take any painkillers for two days. Unfortunately she was sick after the next treatment and didn't want to come again. I learned to be careful with chronic problems and not to repeat treatments too quickly and too long. She possibly also didn't take enough fluid.


Personally I treated my very painful ear canal infection with Streptococcus code 14, Staphylococcus code 20, inflammation code 81, and fungus code 28. 1 held one electrode in my hand and the other against the affected ear. This one treatment caused it to be much better the next day and completely well by the second.

I have now had four kids whose painful ears cleared up on the Eustachian tube inflammation codes 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, and 28. All of them held the electrodes in their hands. It is important to exclude a throat infection with pain referred to the ear. Not one had severe middle ear infection he would probably have received antibiotics in the past. All only needed daily treatments for three consecutive days.


A person' testimonial from a pharmacist entitled


I enrolled with a young couple at the University Physiotherapy Department last evening into their study on Cystic Fibrosis patients. They want to show that a set of thoracic exercises, which take between ten and fifteen minutes twice per day, will increase lung function. The study is to run over seven weeks with progress checks every week. The enrolment ended with a lung function test. I was uneasy about this as I had a very bad result the last time after being in hospital in October last year. My result was beyond my wildest expectations. All three tracings were almost identical (never been before) FEV-1 showed between 3~6 and 3.8 litres (amount of air exhaled in the first second) total lung capacity was between 4.7 and 5.1 litres which gives between 74.5% and 78.3% of my total lung capacity can be exhaled in the first second!! (It implies no obstruction). In all the years I have been tested for lung function, I have never had a better result. In fact these results say that my lungs are performing at between 93 and 97% of expectation for a normal person of my age weight and height. This is a big contrast to what my results were last year in December where my Pulminologist’s lung function apparatus showed that I had lost 20% from my previous best which means that my lungs were at about 70% of expectation I look forward to further improvement.

Although the following two reports are factual; it must be clearly understood that all cases cannot be expected to follow the same pattern nor that the same or similar results may be achieved in every patient being treated.


Case# 16:

Male Caucasian, 72 years old diagnosed by a medical practitioner with olfactory neuroblastoma (ethesioneuroblastonia). Prognosis - surgical removal, complete plastic surgery for reconstruction of the face followed by chemotherapy etc. The patient had his own Rife machine and used the carcinoma frequencies. Alternating sessions included treatments for polyps and sinusitis. Detox sessions also regularly used. Observations:

Pain in the area subsided after the second or third treatment. The nose was drier at approximately the same time. After nine treatments, which spread over eight weeks, the tumour was literally sneezed / coughed out by the patient. The fragment of grey, white tissue was sent to the pathologist by the patient's doctor, which confirmed that the specimen was the ethesioneuroblastoma, which exhibited areas of necrosis. The patient is in good health two years later.

Case# 17:

Male, 63 year old man who had been a diabetes sufferer for 34 years. Was using long and short acting insulin by injection three times daily. Blood sugar levels were monitored meticulously twice daily. Levels always high used the Rife resonator about twice weekly for three months. There was a definite downward trend to the sugar values and insulin intake was adjusted accordingly. Owing building operations on his home he cut his leg badly on some old metal - Because of his diabetes, the doctor advised hospitalisation as diabetics do not always heal easily and gangrene can set in. Amputation would then become necessary. Blood sugar levels were monitored over one week while this patient was in the hospital and found to be always NORMAL. The doctor carried out metabolism testing and found that the pancreas was producing own insulin. Leg healed normally. This patient always carries insulin as a precaution, but now no longer uses any diabetic medication. Daily checking of sugar levels is always normal. He has maintained this status for more than one year now.
http://biomed.co.za/case.asp />

Rife Success Stories
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Infection, Yeast Infection, Gout, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke Paralysis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Glaucoma, crushed neck discs, Herpes Simplex, Breast Cancer, Mental Illness, Kidney Infections, Diabetes, Neuralgia, Knee Pain, Food Allergies, Cold Allergy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Willy M. emailed: "I got the research equipment (Rife Frequency Generator) on Dec.31 around noon. I began doing 'research' immediately. After 1 month of using these units the infection in my leg (due to a major motorcycle accident in 1972) has become completely under control. Before, the infection could not be brought under control from my knee down and was taking over completely so that I was not very far from losing my leg. Now the major wound site has completely healed about 30%! Side effects; new hair where there has never been hair before, hair growing on scar tissue, inflammation of entire left leg gone completely, pain created by herniated disc in my back is 95% gone, pain from neck injury is gone, a 26 + 1/2 year reliance on pain medicine (poison) is gone and the major joint pain is gone. I connot express how I feel now in words. Anyways I was at the cancer treatment clinic I told you about before and the Doctors were so amazed that they asked me to order some 'research stuff' for them to play with! I started daily research times at 1 minute each of 20hz, 120hz, 728hz, 784hz, 880hz, 1550hz, 2008hz, 2127hz, 3000hz, 5000hz using the pad electrodes on both sides of my calf. After getting no toxic downloading reaction (TDR), I then increased times to 2 minutes for each freqency. I had no TDR . I then increased exposure times to 5 minutes at each frequency, no TDR. I then increased time on each frequency to 10 minutes, Major TDR! The next 30 hours I felt totally exhausted, like never before, after which was the turn around point, the point at which everything in my body started to change. After 1 week the calf area was feeling too irritated (probably due to lack of circulation needed to remove toxins), so I started using only wrist electrodes (one on each wrist) but increased total treatment time to 1.5 - 2 hours daily. You must understand that all this stuff, or at least most , was going on since I was just 17 years old, I am going to be 45 this May! Like I told your manager, I cannot put in words even close to how I feel. Thank you."

A customer emailed me: "Hi Michael, I wanted to let you know how I was doing with the Rife unit that I have had for two months. I bought it specifically to try and eliminate a persistent yeast infection that I have had in my lungs and sinuses (sinusitis) for seven years. Although cleared by the medical establishment as perfectly healthy, I could not drink a beer or eat ice cream especially before bed. I would wake up with terribly congested sinuses, drainage and a tight constricted feeling in my chest that was painful. I started with short 20-30 second treatments on my sinuses and lungs and didn't get much of a die-off reaction until I went to two minutes and then it was large die-off that made me sick all day. I gradually worked up from there, using the unit every other day. I am now up to 10-12 minute treatments every 2-3 days. The progress on my sinuses has been phenomenal. I think I have virtually eliminated my problem and now have been doing maintenance treatments of 10-12 minutes about once a week. My lungs are 50-60% improved and will probably take a few more weeks or months to clear out. I am very pleased with the progress to-date. I have not combined the treatment with any diet restrictions because I wanted to see the effect of just the Rife unit alone." years later he emailed me: "My sinuses have stayed clear in the years since that time and the constant respiratory infections have stopped occurring."

Jerry S. emailed: "The benefit it's been continues to amaze me. I hired a welder to modify a flat deck for my electrical business and he came in the other morning limping , said he was fine the day before and didn't know what caused this. We guessed GOUT but he's only 23 ! ..... I applied the pads to his foot that nite at my birthday party he came to and immediatley after the treatment he said the sharp pain was gone and was just left with a dull ache. This morning he showed up at work and was impressed that he still felt good."

"Randy M. is the president of the local Multiple Sclerosis Society in my city and he claims that the bi-monthly sessions on my pad style Rife unit is easing his suffering markedly. I can't give you anything more than his reports to me that his legs work better and his vision is improved. I'm using the MS frequencies and having him stand in bare feet on the salt water wetted pad and holding another 3 inch denim wetted pad in both hands. His knees also were giving him trouble and I went thru the 'Knee Pain' frequencies. To say he's thrilled with the results would be an understatment."

"I would like to inform you the Rife machine is a Miracle Machine to us, especially to my wife. She has been paralyzed, half of her body, right side, due to stroke, since April 1991. After just a couple of uses, she can walk and put her weight to the right side of her body, the paralyzed side. She can walk now, not yet like the original way before she had the stroke, but she does not use her wheelchair."

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome once made it too painful for me to write, type, or lift a fork to eat. Imagine my astonishment after two sessions with an Rife frequency machine at being able to type for hours with my crippled hands! With a "touch-up" about twice a year, I now type 8 to 10 hours a day."

"My friend Evan...had been diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer which had metastasized to the bone marrow. He was...not expected to live much longer. Upon learning about my Rife machine, he wanted to experiment on himself. The second time he used the unit, that night he had to urinate more than usual, and the urine was cloudy and loaded with pus. By the FOURTH treatment, he was free from bone pains (from the site of the metastases), and was able to discontinue the morphine he'd been taking for the past several months."

Rita F told me on the phone that her lung cancer came back after doctors had previously removed the top 3rd of one lung. But after using one of my Rife frequency generators for 9 months there was no sign of it when x-rayed again. She was zapping with these frequencies for 5 minutes each for 3 times a week: 663, 727, 778, 787, 880, 1050, 1550, 2008, 2050, 2127. The only other thing she did different was change her diet from high protein to VEGAN (vegetarian w/o dairy).

Rita F told me on the phone that her glaucoma eye pressure was significantly down after converting to a vegetarian diet and using these frequencies for 5 minutes each 3 times a week: 727, 787, 880, 5000, 1600. She also said her eyesight had improved so much she had to have a reduction in the strength of the lenses in her glasses. This all was after 9 months of Rifing.

"When I was young, I crushed all the discs in my neck. For years, I suffered migraine type headaches as well as severe neck and shoulder pain. I started receiving relief from my pain the first week I used the Rife frequency generator. Now I just use it once a week for 1½ minutes per setting. My husband had breathing problems progressively getting worse. His father died from emphysema. Night time was the worst for my husband. When he laid down, he would cough so much he would wake up exhausted. Now he uses the Rife once a week. He now breathes easy and sleeps good. It also stopped his snoring. I want others, who have suffered as I have, to receive the relief I have. Life without pain has given me a better life."

"A report on the use of Rife frequencies. I purchased a Rife frequency instrument. I had a very serious internal virus infection that I had not been able to control by any means. With large lesions in the mouth, I had to use self-hypnosis to consume food and fluids. Five hours after the first application, all pain ceased, and three days later all lesions had closed. I have been totally free of the virus since!!!"

"In my last letter, I told you I had named my Rife unit "Albert". I loaned "Albert" to a lady with breast cancer in June. About the 3rd of July, she reported that her tumor had shrunk 1/3 in size."

"I had a brother-in-law who is mentally ill. I tried on him all the frequencies for mental illness. I noticed lots of improvement in his behaviour. Before he only sat and looked out the window. Since I have given him a couple treatments on the machine he is now interested in becoming an American citizen."

"Because of a weakened immunity I frequently suffered from kidney infections and pnuemonia which typically lasted for 6 weeks with antibiotics. After using the machine I was astonished to see the pain and symptoms clearing up in less than 6 hours!"

"I have suffered from type 2 diabetes for over 18 years. The disease had advanced to the stage of reduced circulation in the hands, lower legs, and feet. I was also experiencing blood clots. My first treatment was 6-2-93. Ten days later all circulation problems dissappeared along with the diabetes symptoms and have not returned to this day."

I started out with your Tenma oscillator and Rife Amplifier and am now using the R/B plasma tube. I probably could have saved myself $2000 if I'd stayed with your unit. It seems to be just as effective as the tube unit and my volunteers liked it better because "I could feel the pulsations before!"
My grandfather, father and myself had bad knees. I applied your units 2 pads on either side of the knee and ran the "KNEE PAIN" freq's @ 3min each. Immediately afterwards (the treatment) he said the pain left completely. He used to have a nap for 20 min every noon so he could make it thru the afternoon. The next day (after the 1st treatment) he phoned me at 10 pm having not had a nap that day and in no pain at all, with energy to spare. I treated him again 2 weeks later as the pain was back. With a 2nd treatment he didn't need another one until a month later, then 2 months before the next treatment, He danced all nite at my son's wedding and was fine. Went skiing, no pain..... He's impressed. Dad's 64.
A 70 yr old with trigeminal neuralgia.....pain so intense he'd stopped eating and was having trouble walking. Used your list for this affliction and 1 hour later the pain was reduced to a dull ache. His wife observed that his eyes looked brighter. She phoned the next day and thanked me for his Ukrainian Xmas eve present. He was wandering around the house singing to his Pavorati records and has no pain. They tell me people with this affliction have tryed to commit suicide because of the unrelenting pain. To date he is still pain free.
Food Allergies...this has worked without fail no matter what the cause on everyone I've used it on, and there's been many. The most dramatic was a 24 year old with a life threatening allergy to nuts. Any accidental contact with his skin would cause that part of his body to swell and if he ingested anything with nuts in it his thraot would swell up and suffocate him. He carried a syringe with him wherever he went. After his 1st treatment he got up from the chair and asked for the peanut butter. He took a microscopic dab of it on a knife and touched it to his lip. He said that normally within 30 seconds his lip would swell up. We waited 5 min......nothing! He put a teaspoon of it in his mouth and said "Is that what peanut butter tastes like?" He said that normally in 30 seconds he'd be in mortal danger.......5 min later no reaction.
Cold Allergy...no less than amazing.......never heard of anyone allergic to the cold! But my niece was. She'd break out in red splotches and if she stayed out too long would blister. I ran her thru the allergy freq's and she immediately walked out on my patio, this was late fall in Saskatchewan, no shoes-no coat and stayed out there for 15 min. Her mother stood at the patio door watching saying "I DON'T BELIVE IT" No spots showed up on her skin and she sat on the couch while her mother warmed her feet for the next 1/2 hour.....even though cold to the touch she didn't break out.
I'd be here for hours if I was to tell you everything that it's worked on......Much more to report, another time....Regards Jerry S
Kyle S emailed: "I have irritable bowel syndrome for a few years now . I've tried may new things with the Rife unit. I set it 29hz and run it for about ten mins on a spot at a time. Then more it over a couple three inches and let it run another ten mins. I do this to about 4 spots on my belly and the next few days I have no problems. Then I have to do it again. But it is so nice not to have to go to the bathroom more than once a day instead of 5 or more times. It has never made me feel sick only better."

Chronic Fatigue Alternative Treatment
CFIDS is caused by viral infection.
Cure is possible with electromedicine and rebalancing the hormonal/glandular system.
If you feel like you have the flu constantly or chronic mononucleosis then you probably have an ongoing viral infection causing CFIDS. This viral disease was beating me to death for 16 years until I tried this alternative treatment.

The Epstein Barr virus is a common cause of this disease, and when it (or any other causative virus) is treated with electric current it loses its ability to infect human white blood cells. Without being able to infect cells with their nucleic acids then the viruses are stopped from being able to use the human cells to reproduce themselves. Being left 'free-floating' in the blood serum (fluid), then the white blood cells will eventually take the viruses out of the bloodstream one-by-one (which is their job as immune cells). This type of treatment with electricity presents the most important step to a possible cure. Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY discovered this activity of elecricity against viruses, stopping their ability to attach to human cells receptor sites. The electricity needed was only a scant 50-100 micro-amps (millionths of an ampere) which is not enough to feel. Afterwards they created a medical patent which describes two different ways for hospitals to give alternative treatment to patients blood with electricity. One way was by removing it, gently electrifying it, then reinjecting it (like the circular blood flow of a dialysis machine does). The other way was by surgically implanting into an artery a battery powered vessel that would electrify blood as it passed through it in order to affect the viruses to disable them. Robert Beck came up with a simpler and less costly and less painful way to electrify the blood without having to cut or needle the patient at all. The result is blood and lymph electrification devices that BioElectric and other companies sell for chronic fatigue alternative treatment, and treatment of other diseases caused by infectious microbes. First you definitely need to click onto this link to see the lab results of the researchers experimenting on HIV-1 with electricity for their disactivation, which is the scientific basis for this type of therapy.

chronic fatigue alternative treatment testimony:
Michael F showed all the classical symptoms of CFIDS since 1980 when he lived in Dallas. These included feeling infected by something like the flu, profound fatigue (especially after exercise), muscle weakness, muscle aches, sleep disturbance, forgetfulness, irritability, confusion, difficulty thinking, depression, light sensitivity, anxiety, emotional lability, sensitivity to heat and cold, intolerance of alcohol, low temperature, hearing sensitivity, chemical sensitivities, and foggy thinking.
In 1996 he used the Beck Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser for two months of treatment for a total of 92 hours. Much cleansing of deactivated viruses and whatnot was experienced during this time but 2 weeks after stopping usage of the devices he noticed a sudden marked improvement in how he felt overall with a great lessening of all the above symptoms and a complete alleviation of the feeling of having a constant flu. Everyone who knew him then would comment on how he looked so much improved even though he hadn't told them about the treatment he just completed. Click here to read the details of his usage of these electromedicine devices.

Please read the report below to discover the second most important step to a cure, which is rebalancing your hormonal/glandular system which was damaged by years of viral infection (and can keep you feeling tired even after the removal of the offending viruses).

Diagnosis and Treatment OF Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
by Dr Barry J Durrant-Peatfield
M.B.. B.S.. L.R.C.P.. M.R.C.S.

Let’s first explain what M.E. actually means; we’ve all heard the term, but our understanding of it may not mean more than ‘Yuppie Flu’. M.E. stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - which perhaps doesn’t get us much further. Literally this means brain fever with aching muscles. But it has other names. P.V.F. is an acronym for Post Viral Fatigue. C.F.S. means Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. C.F.I.D.S. means Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.
In fact it isn’t very clear cut, since M.E. -as it is mostly known in the U.K. results in a wide variety of different symptoms, which can make diagnosis confusing and treatment difficult. Some features certainly, are always to be met with. The sufferer experiences a level of extraordinary fatigue, so severe that sometimes it’s impossible even to get out of bed, sometimes for days or weeks on end. Even quite ordinary exertion may result in complete exhaustion and will greatly delay recovery. The endless fatigue is accompanied by aching muscles and joints, poor memory and concentration, mood swings, digestive problems, intolerance to heat and cold, and an overwhelming need to sleep, which may be disturbed, and unrefreshing. Some idea of how you feel is to think back to how you felt the few days after a bad flu. People with M.E. feel like that all of the time.
How does it start? There is often a history indeed of a particularly vicious flu attack - which never seems to get better. It may begin with a glandular fever like illness; but the sore throat and swollen glands keep recurring. An episode of major stress, be it psychological or associated with illness or accident, may also be the starting point. The symptoms may persist for years; sometimes slowly improving, sometimes not. The frustration and anxiety may result in depression and changes in personality, which may well cause the illness to be misdiagnosed as simple depression; or worse, as some form of opting out.
So what goes wrong? There have been endless theories and speculations; the problem being that however many tests and examinations you do, nothing very much shows up as being very wrong. This has led to the regrettable attitude of so many doctors that, since they can’t find anything wrong, then there isn’t anything wrong. Hopefully this approach is slowly being corrected; but sadly too many doctors look at the blood test reports and shake their heads. A classic example of treating the blood tests, and not the patient.
It has now become clear that M.E. is actually a disease process involving many factors, each contributing, but none the main cause. It is now clear that M.E. starts with damage occurring, usually viral, to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus, deep in the centre of the brain, is part gland, and part brain, and controls the whole of the glandular system, through the pituitary gland, just below it. As a result of this damage, the thyroid and adrenal glands, and to a variable extent the ovaries or testes, become deficient. The loss of proper function of the thyroid and adrenals is responsible for the majority of the symptoms. Much of what follows is based on the work of two celebrated American physicians, who devoted their entire working lives to the unravelling of two inadequately understood and often little recognised illnesses.
The first was Broda Bames, who died in 1989, who founded the foundation, which bears his name and carries on his work of the study and treatment of low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism. The other is William Jeffries, who made vast strides in the understanding of adrenal function, especially in deficiency.
It is the close relevance of deficiencies in adrenal and thyroid glands to M.E. that I am going to explain. First, a little physiology. The thyroid sits astride the windpipe, just below the adams apple. It is crucially important to health because it controls the metabolism, in adults, and also the growth in children. Metabolism is the rate at which all biochemical processes in the body work, and hence their proper and efficient functioning.
To do this the thyroid produces mostly thyroxine (T4 for short) and some triodothyronine (T3). T3 is the active hormone, and enzyme changes T4 into T3 as the body requires is. From the blood system, the T3 moves into tissues at receptor sites in each cell.
The adrenals sit like little hats over both kidneys. The inner part of each adrenal (the medulla) produces adrenaline and noradrenaline, and is concerned with the systems immediate reaction to stress.
The outer part, the cortex, is concerned with the systems longer-term capacity to deal with stress - of illness, injury and stress in general. Also it produces hormones which regulate glucose metabolism, water balance, acid/base balance and certain sex hormones.
The thyroid and the adrenals are ductless glands, where the hormones they make enter the blood stream directly. Of similar type is the pituitary, at the base of the brain, which controls all the other endocrines (or ductless) glands by producing instructor or trophic hormones. The sex glands, thymus glands, and part of the pancreas are also endocrines.
What concerns us is when the function of these glands is disorganized, and in particular, when deficient. Failure in the beta cells of the pancreas is the basic cause of diabetes. Failure in the sex glands occurs in women, at menopause, and also in men; and the treatment of these problems - Hormone Replacement Therapy - most of you will know a bit about.
It is thyroid and adrenal failure that we need to talk about. Let me make it clear that in using the word failure, we mean partial failure; deficiency of 10% or 20% or 30%. Total failure means death - weeks or months in the case of the thyroid; a few days in the case of the adrenals.
So what happens when these vital glands start to run down? In the case of the thyroid, in adults, the symptoms may be numerous and likely to be overlooked unless the whole picture is put together. Tiredness and lack of drive, sensitivity to cold and heat, increasing weight gain, poor digestion, constipation, depression, mood swings, loss of memory and concentration, skin and hair problems, menstrual disorders, and worsening PMT, increasing vulnerability to infection, to name most symptoms but not all.
Adrenal failure comes next. Confusingly, loss of adrenal function (or poor adrenal reserve) may be similar to thyroid deficiency (or hypothyroidism). Loss of energy, cold sensitivity are characteristics, episodes of Hypoglycaemia are common, with fainting and dizziness when hungry, and low blood pressure. Marked failure to cope with stress is notable; a feeling of total exhaustion after a stressful event. Most particularly, a failure to throw off infections, or an unreasonably severe response to mild illness. Rheumatic or arthralgic symptoms may be obvious - the sufferer seems to ache in the joints without obvious cause. Weight loss due to poor appetite and poor digestion may be a feature.
If both the thyroid and the adrenal are not working properly, many of the symptoms mentioned may be a constant feature, and, if the deficiencies are not very bad, one might simply think that one was getting old and not actually want to bore one’s doctor.

In the clinic we are now most familiar with this clinical picture, and the story, together with some simple tests, is enough to make the diagnosis. Treatment is easy and extraordinarily rewarding.
A number of patients may be diagnosed in this way and respond to treatment, but an equal number have had an unresolved virus infection present as the post viral syndrome, or simply as having M.E. All the tests may suggest viral infections of the M.E. type, and thyroid and adrenal tests may come back within the normal range.
What has happened is that the initial infection targets the hypothalamus and/or pituitary, (Cox-Sackie, or Epstein Barr vims are often implicated), and have done more damage than is apparent, or sought for. If so, both the thyroid and the adrenals will lose their efficiency with the loss of their control or trophic hormones.
On the degree of involvement of thyroid and adrenals will depend the emphasis of the clinical picture. With the pituitary, thyroid/adrenal axis damaged, the body’s immune system cannot recover, and the sufferer is frequently ill with apparent relapses of vim's (viral) illness, other general illnesses, and indeed low grade parasitic infections like candidiasis. Eventually with rest, nutritional care, vigorous treatment of camp-follower infections (with electromedicine), the endocrine axis may finally recoup. But it may take years.
I hope I have said enough to raise your index of suspicion. Could it be that your M.E. is part of, at least, an endocrine axis deficiency? So how can we check it out?
Actually it is not very easy to provide convincing blood and other tests - because, so often they appear to be normal. But this may be the fault of undue reliance on the tests. There is no substitute, and I do emphasise this most strongly, for careful consideration of the history, a proper clinical examination and a high index of suspicion.
There is one home test, which may be convincing. The Bames Basal Temperature test is sensitive to small deficiencies not revealed by normal pathological testing. Described by Dr. Bames early in his medical career, it always provides a strong indication.
In thyroid and/or adrenal failure your resting temperature is abnormally low. If you take your temperature when at rest, i.e. first thing in the morning, it should be somewhere between 98F and 98.4F. If it is not, and is below 97.6F, it is considered a positive indication. Frequently it is really very low, even below 96F, if there is an adrenal/thyroid deficiency.
To do it really well, you should place the thermometer for ten minutes under the axilla (armpit) immediately upon awakening. (If time presses, three minutes in the mouth). Glass thermometers are better than the electronic ones for this.

The increased understanding of the mechanisms of M.E. in the U.S.A., and in this country, has meant that treatment is greatly more effective; and the Foxley Lane Clinic has now many years’ experience in reversing the cause of the illness. The key to success lies in realizing that all the different symptoms, all the problems, need to be treated simultaneously. This may not always be possible all at once; but we will work with you to find the best combinations and balance of treatment to restore you to what you were. In the ideal world there is a battery of tests that one would like to check up on.
These include:
1) Full thyroid profile (T4, T3 and TSH)
2) Adrenal profile- Cortisol - DHEA
3) Full haematology
4) Blood Chemistry
5) Ferritin (iron)
6) Hormone Levels - Estrogen (for women), Progesterone + Testosterone (for men),
F.S.H. (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), L.H. (Leutinising Hormone)
Helpful as their investigations may be, they may leave some questions unanswered. Also they involve some very considerable expense which may not be practical or possible. It is usually possible to pick and choose those most relevant and, where appropriate, make a judgement on clinical appraisal alone. Thyroid and/or adrenal deficiency may be usefully and safely be inferred from the basal temperature test, noted earlier.
Treatment consists in correcting the hormonal and other deficiencies. Initially, the most important consideration is the correction of the adrenal insufficiency. For this physiological amounts of Cortisol are required and experience has shown the use of 5mg of Hydrocortone, or 1O.lmg of Fludrocortone to be the most effective. These amounts may be slowly increased to restore blood levels to normal. Poor adrenal function will mean low DHEA, and this too is given to restore normality. Thyroid levels must also be restored, and the use of thyroid supplementation is required. The use of Thyroxine may prove unhelpful due to poor receptor uptake, or poor conversion to the active hormone T3 (Triodothyronine); and natural thyroid or Tertroxin is usually more beneficial.
Deficiency in female hormones oestrogen and progesterone must call for attention; and equivalent deficiency in the male hormone Testosterone will require attention similarly.
Since poor absorption of many minerals and vitamins is to be found in M.E., restoration of possible deficiencies must be attended to. Magnesium 10 supplementation is almost invariably required, since it has shown to be essential in a great many enzyme processes. The B group vitamins, essential for the healthy nervous tissue, are also required; many have found Vit B12 to be unexpectedly valuable. This is given by injection as often as convenient for several weeks. Iron deficiency should also be actively treated. High doses of Vitamin C, 2000mg a day, should also be used. Co-enzyme Q1O, 30mgs three times a day may also be employed.
Sleep disturbance may often be a feature of M.E., and the use of simple relaxants at night can be most beneficial. Selective Seratonin inhibitors (SSRI’s) are widely used for depression; and may be of benefit even if the patient is not actually depressed; since there is considerable evidence to show that the complex mechanisms of neurotransmitters, damaged in M.E., may benefit. (electromedicine Brain Tuners are extremely helpful for sleep and anti-depression)
Other aspects of nutrition also require attention and careful attention to a wholesome diet has to be recommended. Environmental toxins, which include tobacco, caffeine and alcohol, have to be excluded.
Many M.E. sufferers, with their damaged immune systems, suffer from Candidiasis. The avoidance of refined carbohydrates and yeast-containing products is obvious. And the use of fungicides may in these cases be important. Nystatin for several months will be helpful in these cases. (But using the frequency of 464 hz from any Rife instrument is much more effective and non-toxic)


1. Nutrition
Remove coffee/alcohol/tobacco

Vit B, C, B12

Magnesium Chloride

Proper healthy diet

2. Hormones
Treat adrenal deficiency

Treat hypothyroidism

Treat male/female hormone deficiencies

Consider Oxytocin supplementation Vasopressin

3. Candida
Avoid antibiotics where possible

Treat yeast with Nystatin

Removal of bowel parasites

4. Treat food allergies but don’t overdo it.

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