Electromagnetic Fields:The Dark Side of Technology

All along, Industry and the Federal Government have insisted that either:
not enough research has been done on EMF Bioeffects to determine the potential risk, or
plenty of research has been done to determine that there is no risk.
That these two positions seem to be mutually exclusive appears to have eluded those in charge of public relations ... what is the source of this ambiguity? Is it accidental? Is it intentional, and if so, why?

Do Governments Really Believe,
There Are No Dangerous Bioeffects From EMF Exposure?

The Ambiguity
The terms risk and safe, which are essential to a meaningful dialog on this issue, have in this context, undiscussed controversial definitions, that is, they have been craftily re-defined to mean something other than their intended, (dictionay) definition. Safe and risk, as defined in the dictionary, are absolutes. You are either safe, or you are not safe. You are either at risk, or you are not at risk.
A good example of disagreement is the NCRP pre-release leak of "recommendations." This is a group of people working on THE SAME REPORT, who completely disagreed on what the conclusions should be. Imagine people in different agencies with mutually-exclusive interests, or people in Industry, with jobs, and the future of whole technologies at stake? (Here I am assuming the leak originated with someone inside who thought the final recommendations would not be consistant with the data.)

The people who make up the Federal Government do not agree on EMR Bioeffects, so how can the Federal Government appear to be consistent? Here are some contradictory positions taken by various US Government agencies, or agents.

National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, report, or press release, -- no danger,
National Council on Radiation Protection, -- danger -- or maybe not,
National EMF Advisory Committee, calls for Continued Research on Electric and Magnetic Field Health Effects, -- danger, "We take this action because, after perusal of the pre-publication NAS/NRC report released October 31, 1996, we conclude that neither the press release nor the Executive Summary of the report adequately reflects the conclusions to be found in the body of the report. ... Contrary to reports in the popular press. the NAS/NRC report does not state that extremely low magnetic fields are safe. Rather, the report concludes that there is an unexplained, but statistically reliable and robust association between power transmission and distribution systems and childhood cancer and that continued research is necessary."


Electromagnetic Fields:
The Dark Side of Technology

by Herbert Ross, D.C.
and Keri Brenner, L.Ac.
with Burton Goldberg

Electromagnetic fields are a type of low-level radiation generated by computer terminals, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices. The Earth itself produces some energy fields that are detrimental to human health as well, commonly referred to as geopathic stress. While the intensity of these fields is small, studies continue to show that they may be a factor in a number of chronic illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, and sleep disorders.

An electromagnetic field can be likened to an invisible energy web (shaped somewhat like the contour lines on a topographical map) produced by electricity that, in turn, creates a magnetic field. While EMFs are part of nature and in fact are radiated by the human body and its individual organs, the quality and intensity (called respectively frequency and gauss field strength) of the energy forming this contoured web can either support or destroy health. As a general rule, EMFs generated by technological devices tend to be much more harmful than naturally occurring EMFs.

Researchers once thought EMFs, especially very low frequency and extremely low frequency EMFs, were safe because they were of such low strength compared to other forms of radiation, such as those from a nuclear reactor or X rays. But now, as technology proliferates and people are using more electronic devices, some researchers suspect EMFs are contributing to a subtle assault on people's immune systems and overall health.

Electromagnetic changes in the environment can adversely affect the energy balance of the human organism and contribute to disease. We are surrounded by stress-producing electromagnetic fields generated by the electrical wiring in homes and offices, televisions, computers and video terminals, microwave ovens, overhead lights, power lines, and the hundreds of motors that can generate higher than normal gauss strengths (magnetic energy measuring unit). EMFs interact with living systems, affecting enzymes related to growth regulation, pineal gland metabolism (regulation of the sleep hormone, melatonin), and cell division and multiplication.Test your Enviroment


Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are harmful???

Robert Rowen MD Discuss the Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation
Dr. Robert Rowen, MD is internationally known for his work in the field of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. He is known ... all » as the Father of Medical Freedom for his efforts to legalize alternative medicine in 1990 in Alaska.

The rare medical freedom he enjoyed in Alaska enabled him to greatly expand his knowledge and experience in a multitude
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And what if was possible to help protect yourself, your family, and friends

Dr. Nancy Wertheimer, who first published the epidemiological study showing a correlation between 50-60-Hz power lines and the increased incidence of childhood cancer in this country, has also performed similar research on users of electric blankets. She has found that there is a higher incidence of miscarriages among pregnant women who use electric blankets as compared to pregnant women who do not.

Radiation and Breast cancer
According to recent statistics, breast cancer in Australia effects one in 14 women, kills one in 27 and is increasing at a rate of 3% annually.

In 1987 Stephens et al. in the paper, Electric power use and breast cancer; a hypothesis, suggested that electromagnetic fields (EMF's) reduce melatonin production by the pineal gland and that melatonin suppresses the development of breast cancer. ( 3 ).

Interesting article

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Electromagnetic Radiation with Louis Slesin ECU #519
Dr. Louis Slesin, editor and publisher of Microwave News, a pioneer in exposing the dangers of electromagnetic fields, points to the sources of EMF-- from power lines to electric blankets to cellular phones -- and describes the efforts by industry to downplay the effects of EMF and outlines past and current research.
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"You can protect yourself from negative electromagnectic fields..."

Powerful electromagnetic fields exist under overhead power lines. The cables carried on pylons across the countryside often have potentials of four hundred thousand volts or more. If you stand under such a line you will often be able to hear a rhythmic humming. In damp weather you can hear the crackling as some of the electricity discharges into the atmosphere.

Folks Worried About High Tension Power Lines
Residents near Sydney staged a dramatic demonstration of EMF concerns by lighting up fluorescent lightbulbs - unplugged - underneath power lines. (Sydney 7 News)
Fluorescent tubes light up by themselves under hi-volrage wires, dogs die of cancer, etc.
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Under the more powerful lines the fields will light up a fluorescent tube when someone stands underneath the cables holding one end of the tube. ( Warning: This is a potentially dangerous trick, so you should not try it yourself!). At least one individual is on record who remembered enough school science to erect a cable strung between two poles under a power line near his home, connected the ends to his household supply and got free power until the authorities caught up with him and sued him for stealing electricity! You do not need physical connections to extract power from an electrical field.

The person with the fluorescent tube standing under the power line also had electrical currents and voltages induced in his body. This happens because the blood and other body fluids conduct electricity and, as with any conductor in a moving electric field, a current will be produced in the body. You have seen how even the much lower voltages of mains cables at home will produce this phenomenon and you can demonstrate the effect using an earthed voltmeter in the way described in the last chapter. Obviously the effect will be much bigger directly under a pylon.

PSC Hearing: Ann Emersen\'s 2nd Testimony
Ann Emersen indicts the ATC and the PSC for covering up evidence of the dangers posed by transmission lines.

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PSC Public Hearings: Don Moriva
Don Moriva explains the dangers of high tension lines, including reduced melatonin production.

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Are You and your Family in Danger? Test your Enviroment

You can alarmingly demonstrate this induction effect by parking a vehicle (the larger the better) under a power line' High static charges will build up m the metal body and because of the rubber tyres will only slowly be discharged to earth. A large spark will be produced if you reach out to touch the van.

Despite these obvious anct measurable effects, the official position of the electric power companies has always been that, party tricks excepted, there is no possibility that even long-term exposure to high electromagnetic fields can have injurious effects on health.

1 EMF Dangers
Can electromagnetic fields (EMF) from power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers and appliances cause brain tumors, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, headaches, cataracts, heart problems, stress. nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer and other health problems?

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2 EMF Dangers
Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York believes it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to EMFs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns "There is reason for concern" and advises prudent avoidance".

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3 EMF Dangers3
In a draft report issued in March 1990, the EPA recommended that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen -- -a "probable human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs.
After the EPA draft report was released, utility, military and computer lobbyists came down hard on the EPA. The EPA's final revision did NOT classify EMFs as a Class B carcinogen Rather, the following explanation was added:"
At this time such a characterization regarding the link between cancer and exposure to EMFs is not appropriate because the basic nature of the interaction between EMFs and biological processes leading to cancer is not understood."
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Are You and your Family in Danger? Test your Enviroment

However, too many people who live in houses under or near power ipines complain of a variety of symptoms without apparent cause for such assurances to be accepted without question. Some feel perpetually lacking in energy. In worse cases, they may feel nauseous or dizzy. The long-term effects remain to be assessed, but when we remember the findings of Nancy Wertheimer there appears to be at least a possibility of a link with cancer and there is current litigation in both Britain and the USA against power transmission companies which, if successful, will result in enormous damages being paid to affected families. 03_Facts_and_Figures.html

Radiation Roulette
Are Xrays and Cat Scans exposing people to too much Radiation that trigger cancer and emf sensitivity? One Cat Scan = 300 to 400 XRAYS. A special report done by a Canadian woman on a quest to find the answers. Clip from Radiation Roulette, aired on Passionate Eye, CBC 2005

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"You can protect yourself from negative electromagnectic fields..."

In the News

Wi-Fi's Electric Shock (Now Toronto News, March 15, 2006)
Brain Tumor Scare Strikes Melbourne Office (Yahoo News, May 11, 2006)
Cordless Phones Danger (News of the World, Feb 5, 2006)
Mobile 'Puts 4-Year Olds at Risk from Radiation' (Telegraph News, Nov 29, 2005)
Court Victory is a First for Cell Phone Programmers (Sun Sentinel, Oct 2, 2005)
Electrical Fields Can Make You Sick (The Sunday Times-Britain, Sep 11, 2005)
Cell Phones May Cause Cataracts (IsraCast Tech News, Jul 29, 2005)
Kids at Risk? (Toronto Star, Jul 9, 2005)
The Cell Phone Industry: Big Tobacco 2.0? (, Mar 8, 2005)
Mobile Phones Tumour Risk to Young Children (London Times, Jan. 12, 2005)
Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds (Reuters, Dec 20, 2004)
Mobiles Cut Sperm Count up to 30% in Men (MSN, Jun 28, 2004)
What Cell Phones Can Do To Youngster's Brain In 2 Minutes (U.K. Sunday Mirror, London, Apr 1, 2004)
Mobile Phones 'May Trigger Alzheimer's' (BBC News, Feb 5, 2003)
How Cell Phones Cause Cancer (ZDNet UK, Jun 25, 2001)
Sleeping children wi-fi radiation warning May 21 2007
In the Press Dec 2007

Galen Hiernomyus:
Galen Hiernomyus, one of my teachers, would always say to me, "forget everything that you have learned! Just treat out the toxins poisons, pollutions, vaccines, bacteria, dark forces, radiations, metals, fungi, virus,and chemicals and you will have no disease!" This is true, as we slowly rid the bodies of these intruders we regain our health and youth.............. ' Radionics Radionics Radionics!"

What if EMFs distrupt sleep?

What if electromagnetic fields (EMF) are harmful ???

Is it like Asking "What if thalidomide causes deformities in children"?
The drugs Zomax, DES, and thalidiomide were all tested on animals and judged safe, but had devestating consequences for the humans when they used them. Studies show that more than half of prescription drugs drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration between 1976 and 1985 caused side effects that were serious enough to cause the drugs to be withdrawn from the market
FDA ON Thalidomide

Sleeping children wi-fi radiation warning
A Welsh radiation expert has warned of the dangers posed by wireless internet technology to sleeping children.The fears come amid claims that so-called "wi-fi" internet connections in schools could damage children.

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Skull Penetration of Cell Phone Radiation in Children! Jun 01
Last April, while corporate “news managers” were guiding the attention of Americans elsewhere, a London newspaper reported on “What Cell Phones Can Do To Youngster's Brain In 2 Minutes”.

It turns out that a call lasting just two minutes can open the “blood-brain barrier” in kids as well as adults, allowing toxins in the bloodstream to cross this blood vessel gateway into the skull and attack brain cells. The same two-minutes cell phone exposure also disrupts the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards.

“Leading medical experts now question whether it is safe for children to use mobile phones at all,” reported the Mirror. “Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impair learning ability.”

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Are your Children in Danger? Test your Enviroment

EMFs: A Health Concern in Schools
EMF Health Report, Vol. 1, No. 1,

A number of school boards across North America have taken actions to limit exposure of school children to EMF. These actions, based primarily on parental concerns rather than on demonstrated health risks, have attempted to reduce the exposure of children to magnetic field levels which are typical of EMF exposures for the general public.

California. "High" EMF readings have prompted educators and administrators to take action to minimize exposure to EMFs. At the Montague Elementary School in Santa Clara, CA, 13 of the school's 15 teachers have formally requested to be transferred because of the school's close proximity to power lines. In addition, 4 classrooms, a day care center, and a part of the playground located near power lines have been closed off.

Before an evaluation of possible EMF-cancer associations in southern Marin County, CA, was even completed, the Mill Valley school district authorized up to $50,000 for new light fixtures and wiring to reduce EMF emissions. These expenses were approved by the school board after a district survey showed high EMF levels. Mill Valley's Tam Valley School took other cost-free precautions such as moving desks away from fish tanks and relocating physical education classes away from power lines.

New York. New York Attorney General Robert Abrams called on the state's top seven utility companies to study EMFs from power lines near schools in response to concern expressed by the New York State United Teachers Union and other groups. A study by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation has identified 35 schools in upstate New York which are in close proximity to high-voltage power lines.

Canada. In Toronto, Ontario, parents were successful in a campaign to relocate a kindergarten classroom and library at a Bennington Heights elementary school. Concerns raised over a proposed new kindergarten play area at the south end of the school led parents to request magnetic field measurements of the area. The school building is on a cliff less than 100 feet from a 115-kV transmission line at the same height. Measurements taken at the south end of the school indicated levels about twice the average in the rest of the school. After a series of public meetings and additional consultant reviews, the school board decided to relocate classes and a library to portable units at the north end of the school, reserving the rooms at the south end for occasional use for meetings.

What if EMF causes Cancer???

Our exposure to electromagnetic pollution has increased many
million times in the last 30 years

Schumann Resonance

Electromagnetic Radiation
All of these effects have been shown in multiple studies for cancer and miscarriage, neurological and cardiac effects. The results are totally consistent with EMR being genotoxic, but also interfering with the body's natural telecommunication system. The brain is particularly sensitive because it is very electromagnetically active as is shown by the EEG, and the brain communicates with the organs and the cells of the body using enzymes, hormones and ion currents for example. More than sixteen studies show that EMR across the spectrum reduces human melatonin levels. Melatonin is a potent antioxidant, and maintains the health of the immune system. Reduced melatonin is associated with aging, sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, and also with cancer, miscarriage, cardiac and neurological disease and death.
Dr Neil Cherry

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Are you at risk? Test your enviroment

What if your computer is harming your health???

Reduce exposures to EMF and HF radiation
Remember that the EM field radiated from an appliance drops off dramatically in strength with increased distance from the source. There are a number of ways to reduce harmful exposure to EMF. Some are as easy as standing back from an appliance when it is in use.

If the measured radiation level of a cell phone is high, consider using shielded accessories. If the problem persists, you may want to switch to another cell phone or service company. Cell phone radiation levels vary from phone to phone and from company to company. List of SAR radiation levels for US mobile phones

Computer users may want to switch to flat panel display since these monitors emit less EMF than the conventional CRT type of display.

Other EMF reduction steps, such as correcting a household-wiring problem, are worth doing for safety reasons. The traditional way of grounding electrical devices is to connect them to water pipes. However, today's pipes are mostly plastic and do not provide good grounding. One suggestion is to find a pure metal pipe and redo the wiring.

It is wise to reduce as much as possible the time spent near known sources of strong EMF. Turn off all electrical appliances when you aren't using them.


Danger Zones

EMF Levels From Common Sources in Milligauss (mG)* 
Recommended Safety Levels: .5 mG to 2.5 mG with 1.0mG as preferred standard. 
Adverse biological effects have been found at 2.5mG

Up to 4 inches At 3 feet
50 to 220 .3 to 3
Clothes Washer
8 to 200 .1 to 4
Coffee Maker
6 to 29 .1
4 to 20 2 to 5
Fluorescent Lamp
400 to 4,000 .1 to 5
Hair Dryer
60 to 20,000 .1 to 6
Microwave Oven
100 to 500 1.0 to 25
5 to 100 .1 to 6
Vacuum Cleaner
230 to 1300 3 to 40
50 mG average on 747  

*Source: USA Environmental Protection Agency

Power Lines and Property Values:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

EMF Exposure @ Work

Measurements in milligrams (mG)
The sewing machine operator worked all day, took a 1-hour lunch break at 11:15 am, and took 10-minute breaks at 8:55 am and 2:55 pm. The mechanic repaired a compressor at 9:45 am and 11:10 am
The electrician repaired a large air-conditioning motor at 9:10 am and 11:45 am. The government worker was at the copy machine at 8:00 am, at the computer from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and also from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Work place EMF Spot Measurements

Questions and Answers - EMF in the Workplace

What if your cellular phones is causing tumors??
Old McDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o. And on his farm he had computer, cell phone, TV, stereo, VCR, electric stove, e-i-e-i-o. With an EMF here and an ELF there, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

A recent headline from the Associated Press:
"BE CAREFUL ABOUT CELL PHONES", The essence of the article states that the British government issued safety precautions amid safety worries in the use of cellular phones. This is primarily true of children under the age of 16. Evidence exists that using a cell phone may be a health risk.
Syracuse Herald Journal

Cell Towers are popping up in everyone's backyard these days. Although most of us fail to realize the dangers involved in having these monsters looming over our neighborhoods or even strategically placed atop our schools or churches. Not only are we are dealing with the issue of greed, due mostly in part on the high demand for wireless communication, but also something more sinister. As long as the demand for wireless service continues, so will the need for cell towers be. Do we understand were sacrificing our health for the convenience of "wireless freedom"?
Recent claim of 30% increase in brain tumours found in regular mobile phone users - but result not found in other studies. Brain cancers were most frequently developed on side of head to which the person held their phone. Biggest increase in cancerous growths was in accoustic neuromas which form behind the ear and are usually treated quite easily. Incidence of these types of growths is increasing in the UK. Analysis of 1,600 people with growths who had used mobile phones for up to ten years before diagnosis. risk increased with frequency and duration of exposure to mobile phone radiation. Scientists compared tumour victims with those who led similar lives but did not use mobile phones, and also with another group who had tumours but did not use mobile phones. Analogue, digital and "cordless" DECT phones all seem to carry risk. Study by Professor Kjell Mild, Orebro University in Sweden - published in the International Journal of Oncology March 2003


List of SAR radiation levels for US mobile phones

BBC3 Investigates Mobile Phone Masts - Part 3 of 3
BBC3 Investigates Mobile Phone MastsPart 3 of 3An unbelievable amount of these high-powered masts are whacking out masses amounts of electromagnetic radiation. Same frequencies microwaves use, but on a higher power level.Feeling tired?

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Cell Phone Dangers what they don't want you to see...
cell phones are dangerous you need protection from them
You don't have to suffer the harmful consequences of cell phone radiation. The Next Generation RF3 Cellular Headset with AirCom2 Technology keeps potentially harmful radiation AWAY from your head. Get one for your cell phone today

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Cell Phone Lies
The cell phone industry has been paying big bucks to keep the media from exposing the truth about cell phones, and when the press does talk, they send out media clips that twist the media back in the direction they wanted you to see it. Your Health is being effected wheather you beleive it or not. Watch as officials in various nations lie about electromagnetic radiation exposure.
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Cell Phone Radiation Test

Are you in Danger???

You can now buy the tester
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Cell Phone War
The truth of cell phones has been buried by the industry, the health officials and governments. Health effects from radiation exposure is being allowed to continue
In only the past year, scientific knowledge about the mobile phone health problem has doubled, even as efforts to suppress it have increased!

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Cell phones cause serious health problems
The microwave radiation from mobile phones have harmful effects at intensity levels far below the official safety threshold values . This is confirmed by a considerable body of evidence.

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Dr. George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview
TV Interview with Dr. Carlo (Campbell Live, TV3)Dr. Carlo talks about the cell phone industry's marketing towards children and the epidemic projections from cell phone use
Dr. George Carlo, former chief scientist of the $28 million research into cell phone safety, talks about his alarming findings.

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Invisible Poison? Detecting Dangerous Levels of Radiation
Investigative Report: Sam Houston Energy Cooperative, or SHECO, - an energy cooperative servicing East Texas - is accused of questionable business decisions and tactics. This investigative report is part of one man's quest to find answers. In this installment of Investigative Report, George H. Russell illustrates how much radiation electrical power lines can emit and how dangerous this can be for the community.
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Dutch researchers recently studied 72 radiation exposed volunteers in laboratories that used both the "traditional" and the new high-tech cell phones without telling them which type of radiation they were being exposed to.

Of the 72 people who participated in the study, half experienced nausea, headaches and a tingling sensation from the radiation level of the new cell phone towers. The radiation level from those traditional cell phone towers brought no noticeable physical effects.

Researcher Maarten Lortzer said the findings "were very unexpected. It means that there are a whole lot of other questions coming up."

The research team now wants to know if the old towers are replaced with new ones to service the popular new phones, what will it do to people living in the neighborhood.

Celphone tower towards rest home

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the towers and mobile telephones affect living cells. A study earlier this year published in the International Journal of Oncology suggests that mobile phone users have a 30 percent risk of brain tumors that occur close to the year used for phone listening.

Earlier studies show that leukemia cells begin growing dramatically during exposure to mobile phone radiation.

Nematode worms in the earth around the base of towers release stress hormones, grow larger than normal and produce more eggs; a natural sign that the creatures are threatened by the radiation.

The cell phone companies have since come out with new studies that show that public health is in little or no risk of danger from cell phone radiation exposure.

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If electromagnetic fields (EMF) are harmful


EMF Detection Are you at risk???

Electrosmog METERS


Isnt this interesting

The Commission is closely monitoring new developments in scientific research and international regulatory action in the field of EMF. There is for the moment a lack of data concerning long-term effects of low exposure; large-scale epidemiological studies are presently being conducted.

In response to growing concerns amongst the general public, specifically about EMF exposure from mobile phones and transmitter masts, and the rapid increase in the application of new technologies using radio-frequencies, the Commission asked in January 2001 the competent scientific committee to update the existing scientific advice on health risks associated with the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the light of new evidence on exposure and research on health effects. The Committee on Toxicology, Eco-toxicology and the Environment has adopted this opinion(56KB) on October 30, 2001.

The Doll Report
The NRPB (National Radiation Protection Board - UK) Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) headed by sir Richard Doll produced a report titled, ELF Electromagnetic Fields and the Risk of Cancer in March 2001. The report concluded that; unless ... further research indicates that the finding is due to chance or some currently unrecognised artefact, the possibility remains that intense and prolonged exposures to magnetic fields (from powerlines) can increase the risk of leukaemia in children. The inconclusive nature of this finding is due to the low relative risk and the lack of supporting evidence such as a biological mechanism or dose response curve etc.


There is screed,s of information out there, for and against the ideas in this newsletter, one has to wonder seriously if there are dangers in magnetic fields, personally we measure our environment and try and stay in the researched safe zone, one can never be to careful, and trusting big business and Governments to tell the whole truth,well.
that's another story,,,

Are You and your Family in Danger? Test your Enviroment

Schumann Resonance