ADD-ON Formulas to A1.

A1 is to be used in all cancer cases as the base
formula at full dose. Add-on formulas make the
treatment more specific. Add-ons to be taken @12g
per day for three months only.

Contra-indications for all Add-On formulas.
Not to be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding or
when taking warfarin or any anticoagulant drug

for add-on
formulas to A1 AntiMalignancy R
RV16-BC – Bone Cancer* No symptom differentiation.
RV16-LC1 - Liver Cancer
Symptom Pattern:
• radiating pain under ribs,
• loss of appetite, normal to pale tongue fur
(may have teeth marks along edges) purplish and
swollen sub-lingual veins.
• dull, dark complexion.
• irritability
RV16-LC2 - Liver Cancer
Symptom Pattern:
• feverishness, restless,
• constipation with dry stools,
• red tongue body with yellow fur

RV16-SC1 - Stomach Cancer
Symptom Pattern: Usually present during the later
stage of stomach cancer.
• Gastric pain, dark vomitus,
• internal bleeding, emaciation,
• a purple tongue body.
*With general lassitude, weakness and depression add
in addition SC1A
Radix Codonopsis – Dang Shen15 gm
Radix Astragalus – Huang Qi 15gm
RV16-SC2 - Stomach Cancer
Symptom Pattern: Occurs at the initial stage.
• Loss of appetite,
• abdominal distension,
• may vomit mucus and / or undigested food,
• a thick white fur tongue coat that is moist
RV16-LUC – Lung Cancer* No symptom differentiation.
RV16-CC1 – Cervical Cancer

Symptom Pattern: Stage involvement with emotional
• Irritability,
• Depression, insomnia with or without
• soft unformed stools.
• “Wandering’ pain, not of fixed location with
abdominal distension and distended breasts.
• Normal or slightly red edge tongue with thin
pale fur,swollen, teeth indented moist tongue.

RV16-CC2 - Cervical Cancer

Symptom Pattern: Stage 2 to 4 or during radio-therapy.
• Vertigo and blurred vision,
• dry throat, pain in lower abdomen and lumbar,
• heat sensations in palms and soles,
• constipation, thin, red tongue with or without
thin yellow fur.
RV16-OUC1 - Ovarian & Uterine Cancer
Symptom Pattern:
• Constipation,
• thirst for cold fluids,
• concentrated urine,
• feverishness,
• red tongue with yellow and dry fur
RV16-OUC2 - Ovarian & Uterine Cancer
Symptom Pattern: Associated with stage 1 or 2 with
movable mass and / or menstrual irregularity.
• delayed menstruation,
• fatigue, irritability,
• slight emaciation, normal tongue but may have
red edge
RV16-OUC3 - Ovarian & Uterine Cancer
Symptom Pattern: epigastric fullness with nausea and
occasional vomiting
• Anorexia,
• soft and unformed stool,
• dry mouth but not much desire for fluids
• heat sensation in the palms and soles,
• tinnitus, vertigo with lumbar pain,
• crimson red tongue without coat but flabby in
RV16-PC – Prostate Cancer*
RV16-CRC – Colorectal Cancer*
RV16-BRC – Breast Cancer*

* In these cases no differentiation is required
For Cancer/Oncology presentations that are more complex
including metastases and or secondaries at varying sites
you can call us to discuss the option of having
individual formulations prescribed and made at our
clinic specific to the patients current presentation.
ph 00 64 9 8289800

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