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The following instructions on how to wind magnetic pulse coils is extracted from Bob Beck's paper on the HIV Neutralizer. This coil is similar to those used with the Radio Shack strobe light known as the 'Mr. Thumpy' modification.

If you want to buy an off the shelf coil that works just fine, check out the end of this page.
Suggestions for Acquiring and Using an Inductively Coupled Magnetic Pulse Generator for Theoretical Lymph and Tissue HIV Neutralization

Revision December 18, 1995.

Note: These data are for informational and instructional purposes only and are not to be construed as medical advice. Consult with your licensed health practitioner.

In keeping with do-it-yourself inexpensive hypothetical approaches to self- help, the simplest and most rapid means for obtaining a capacitor-discharge magnetic pulse lymph and tissue pathogen neutralizer would be to find and modify a used functioning portable battery AND AC powered electronic flash (strobe light) for cameras.

These are acquired at swap meets, yard sales, pawn shops, or in junk boxes at used camera stores. Or purchase a new Vivitar (brand) model 1900 ($22) carried at some professional camera stores. This compact, light weight, inexpensive, rapid recharging flash is only 17.5 Watt-seconds power but is readily available and easily modified. It works well enough for casual use but runs on batteries only so has greater operating expense than an AC/DC unit.

California swap meet prices for USED strobes range from $4.00 to about $18.00. One Sunday the writer found a dozen ac/dc strobes, all in good working condition.

Carry four AA batteries with you so you can test flash units before purchasing.

I chose to modify a long-discontinued Vivitar (brand) model 110 because it was larger than the rest and seemingly more powerful, however almost any brand or model of comparable output power (35 watt-seconds) should work. PREFERABLY SELECT ONE WITH 115V AC AS WELL AS BATTERY OPERATING (DC) CAPABILITY.
FIRST WIND THE APPLICATOR COIL. Junk VHS videocassette reels are cheap, plentiful and adequate for this application. Remove 5 screws from shell, remove reels and discard tape. Be SURE alternative spools (if used) are non-conductive or system will not work. Avoid shorter length VHS tape reels which may have center hubs larger than 1" dia. and won't hold sufficient wire.

Drill 1/4" holes through hub and through center of flange(s).

Make two 4" discs from 1/4" thick plastic or fiberboard, drill 1/4" center holes and another 1/4" hole off-center so coil's inside lead wire can be pulled through.

These stiffeners will sandwich reel's flanges so they won't warp or split as wire pressure builds up while winding progresses. A 2" (or longer) 1/4-20 machine nut and bolt with washers through centers will clamp flange stiffeners and reel and also provide a shaft to hold in a variable speed drill motor or similar winding device if used. Then remove bolt and stiffeners.
SPECIFICATIONS: ~130 turns #14 plain enamel insulated copper magnet wire wound onto ~1" ID hub and ~3-1/2" OD VHS spool with a gap width for wire of ~5/8". Scrape enamel insulation 1/2" from end.

Pull inside end of magnet wire through hub and stiffener and to outside. ~130 turns (about three 1/2 Lb rolls spliced together) should fill spool.

Remove bolt, stiffeners, and finished coil. Now solder ends of 3 ft of HEAVY two-wire extension cord to each side of coil.

Finished coil weighs ~1 LB 3 oz, has ~0.935 millihenry inductance, 0.34 W resistance, and takes ~20 minutes to hand wind or ~3 min. with drill motor.

David Cowlishaw used fingernail polish to secure the wires in his coil, this prevents motion of the wire when the magnetic pulse fires. You could also use RTV/silicone or other caulking compounds not only as insulators but for motion suppression.

An excellent alternative is an AMS brand air-core crossover inductor for home audio, MCM Electronics, Centerville, OH 45459, (800) 543-4330 catalog # 50- 940, #16 gauge, 0.58W, 2.5mH, 2-7/8" dia., $10.65.
STROBE MODIFICATION consists simply of wiring the finished applicator coil with 4' ft. leads in series between the flash tube and its storage capacitor. Be extremely cautious when working with case open because a strobe's capacitor can hold a residual high-voltage charge for a long time even when off.

Before modifying and to avoid shock, short out the capacitor by placing clip leads directly across the flash tube.

Remember to remove this shunt later. To install coil, unsolder either wire from flash tube and connect one lead wire from coil to that side of tube.

Connect the other lead from coil to the wire you just removed from tube. Insulate connections with tape.

This places your coil IN SERIES with the flash tube and enables the tube to act as an ionized gas relay or "thyratron" that dumps most of capacitor's stored energy through coil when fired.

Lamp will still flash but less brightly. Cover flash window with black paper. Replace case. You're done!
IS IT WORKING PROPERLY? A good way to test for strength of pulsed magnetic energy is to lay a thin steel washer (one strongly attracted to magnet) flat on top of coil, 1/2" off center. A 1" dia. fender washer with 1/8" center hole works well.

Let the flash unit charge for about ten seconds plus or until the strobe's ready light comes on then push flash button and see how high the washer is kicked by Eddy current repulsion.

A 35 watt-second strobe repels a washer about 14 inches vertically.

Think of your pulsed coil as the primary of a transformer and anything conductive nearby (living tissue included) as the secondary into which current is induced when cut by coil's time-varying magnetic lines of flux.

Your do-it-yourself magnetic pulse generator delivers a measurable output intensity SEVERAL THOUSAND TIMES more powerful during each cycle than $7,000.00 German Magnetotrons, Elecsystem Biotrons, or Canada's Centurion devices widely exhibited at holistic medical expos, none of which is NEARLY powerful enough for HIV, herpes, hepatitis or Epstein-Barr neutralization or adequate electroporation.

It is also functionally similar to the Diapulse miracle-working healing modality when coil is applied over liver and other organs.

Magnetic fields and therefore induced currents penetrate ALL body cells, bones and tissues in proximity to coil (effective approx. 4 inches deep) and can theoretically neutralize electro-sensitive viruses such as herpes B, HIV, hepatitis, Epstein-Barr and possibly many others as yet undiscovered that can hide WITHIN nerve sheaths and are therefore untouchable via immune system, white cells, or injectables.

This may account for the impossibility of curing many known chronic infections via pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, or any presently known conventional treatments other than electrotherapy.

Use pulser on body sites daily concurrently with blood clearing. This pulser is considered safe to use anywhere on the head, chest, and body except with cardiac pacemaker users.
TO USE, press fully insulated coil flat against body over lymph glands and other selected locations. Let strobe build up to full charge (about 10 seconds or longer between pulses) and fire coil while contacting each site.

Subjects will feel no physical sensations except for light thumps during this phase of treatment. Exposure levels are considered safe because intensity of this magnetic pulser is much lower than Magnetic Nuclear Resonance Imaging in routine use on tens of thousands of patients.

But should subject feel headachy, nauseous, sluggish, or display flu-like symptoms after exposures with either of these two devices, reduce number of pulses or duration of blood clearing process and drink more water.

If immune system is very badly damaged, you may need to repeat all routines after several months to insure permanent and complete neutralization.

WHEN USING, KEEP COIL SEVERAL FEET AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS, WATCHES, MAGENTIC TAPE, COMPUTERS, FLOPPY DISKS, HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES, ETC., since its powerful magnetic field can de-gauss and erase magnetic data as well as subtle energy potentized medicines. As an unanticipated serendipity, pulsers are reported to erase deeply rooted lymph and tissue pathology and possibly even classical miasma's as well as many other microbes, fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

Flash should preferably be used with AC power to save battery costs since you'll only get about 40 full pulses per new set of alkaline batteries. For sanitary purposes, enclose coil in plastic zip-lock sandwich bag discarded after each user. When treating numerous subjects if there's no AC adapter it is economical to purchase and utilize a small rechargeable 6V lead-acid motorcycle type storage battery.
HOW MUCH SHOULD THIS COST? Used electronic flash lamps cost approx. $4.00 to approx. $18.00. Three 1/2 LB spools of #14 magnet wire retail for $9.66 ea. at Action Electronics. (You'll need approx. 1-1/2 LB) 4-AA alkaline batteries, $ 2.89. A 12 ft #14 X 2-wire 15 amp. AC extension cord costs about $2. and makes 4 sets of leads, or use heavy-duty speaker wire. VHS spools approx. 50¢. Wholesale wire from $2.50 to $4.35/ LB in 10 LB rolls at Pacific Wire & Cable, 1228 S Village Way, Santa Ana, CA 92704. (714) 558-1864 approx. 1 week delivery. approx. $15. MINIMUM / $60.50 MAXIMUM.
Gene Saunders found off the shelf coils that will work fine and save you the trouble of winding your own.

A company called Parts Express (800) 338-0531 or sells two different types of coils.

A wound 14 gauge air coil rated at 2.5 mH at .36 ohms that is 3 and 11/16" in diameter is available under part number 266-380.

According to Beck, the hand wound coil you would wind up with should be rated at ~0.935 mH (millihenry inductance), 0.34 Watt resistance.

Another interesting coil Gene mentions is rated 14 gauge, goes up to 4.7 mH at .52 ohms

and has a diameter of 4.24". The part number for this coil is 266- 738