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1) Apply salt-water moistened electrodes over Ulnar and Radial arteries on opposite insides of same wrist. A Velcro and elastic strap holds electrodes in place. You must electrify blood for two hours every day for at least three weeks. This should not interfere with other activities. As your blood circulates normally, enough will be flowing along this path in the forearm until most blood in your body is eventually treated by the 50 to 100 microampere current flowing internally. About 3 to 5 milliampere is necessary at the skin to overcome resistive losses through tissue before current reaches blood.

2) Drink 8 to 16 Oz of 3 to 5 ppm self–made Silver Colloid daily. Colloids are shown to easily control opportunistic infections. This gives you a second intact immune system. Colloids can be generated in the same water while ozonizing.

3) Apply your MAGNETIC PULSER for about 20 minutes daily by positioning and pulsing coil over lymph nodes and internal organs. Pulse each time it recharges at several second intervals. Pulses of high intensity time–varying magnetic flux generate a measurable back e.m.f. in adjacent tissue thus neutralizing any residual germinating and incubating pathogens. Without this step, sufferers have been known to sometimes re–infect themselves. Conventional permanent magnets positively will not work.

4) Drink as much ozonated drinking water as you can comfortably ingest daily. You must generate fresh ozone yourself each time and drink immediately since O3 has a half–life of only a few minutes. All known pathogens and cancers are anaerobic. O3 aids their elimination by oxidation and speeds your detoxification and recovery with no discomfort. Consuming O3 water flushes neutralizing pathogens, wastes and toxins from your system.


… But subjects must assume responsibility for their own health—a "heresy" in today's society conditioned to look for answers only to a medical establishment that has no current knowledge remotely promising "cures" for numerous other well known fatal diseases.

These "theoretical solutions" are being disclosed under constitutional freedom of speech guarantees in spite of extensively organized hostile opposition to non–pharmaceutical or inexpensive cures. Data can be legally offered only as "theoretical" and no medical claims can be made or implied. "See your health professional!" Anyone at his discretion and assumed responsibility should be free to build, use (on himself) and network his "research" results. …

Non–FDA approved devices are illegal to use within the USA except via little known FDA loopholes. Researchers are allowed to use anything on patients if safe, they build it themselves and don't sell them.

(*Code of Federal Regulations 21 § 807.65 subsections {d} & {f}. See actual text below.) Although we will offer technical updates and always welcome feedback from users, please respect the writer's privacy and never attempt to contact him for additional help, advice or construction information. Everything users need to know is included herein. …

* Excludes and exempts from regulation: "(d) Licensed practitioners, including physicians, dentists, and optometrists, who manufacture or otherwise alter devices solely for use in their practice."

"(f) Persons who manufacture, prepare, propagate, compound, or process devices solely for use in research, teaching, or analysis, and do not introduce such devices into commercial distribution."

Use of this device therefore appears legal and exempt from FDA regulations when you construct it yourself for research and/or use in your own practice. But double–check your local, county and state regulations for possible exceptions.


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