Jared K: good news to share
Jared K: my friend who 'gave up' on the Beck Protocol and was going to go on the drugs had gotten himself re-tested, one year after testing positive for HIV. He had continued with the Beck treatment since April last year , when I got him the first components (Tripulser3).

His test results came back NEGATIVE. He will get himself re-tested again in a week, at a different doctor, just to confirm that the results were not an error.
Jared K: if negative again, he will go off the Beck treatment for 6 months and get re-tested in 6 months, to see if the virus was just suppressed or eliminated
Jared K: thank you for your work and contribution

altered states: thats terrific news,,can i use this on our website,,name withheld

Jared K: yes
Jared K: in a week I will give him $30 to retest at a different doctor
Jared K: let's hope it's negative
Jared K: and hopefully it's actually beaten and not just controlled
Jared K: but even if just controlled, without drugs it is still amazing

altered states: cool i think our new tripulser9 is even more powerfull

altered states: so yes please keep me upto date

Jared K: it came completely unexpected for him
Jared K: because not long ago he had a bad bout of pneumonia
Jared K: and was hospitalized
Jared K: expected it was all due to the virus progression
Jared K: that's why he was thinking the protocol wasn't working
Jared K: and was going to go on the drugs
Jared K: and now with the test... negative
Jared K: he is so happy
Jared K: he's been doing the full protocol whenever possible
Jared K: while he was being treated for pneumonia, he couldn't do the electrification
Jared K: because he didn't want the negative drug effects
Jared K: anyway, I will keep you updated as news comes in